Why Do I Feel Self-Conscious Around My Partner? 9 Habits They May Have That Make You Feel This Way


Since you spend so much time together, it only makes sense that your partner could have an impact on the way you perceive yourself. You can have a positive affect on each other, by being supportive and understanding. But certain habits may have quite the opposite effect.

The thing is, if your partner has a few hurtful habits, they might not even be aware of them. That's why it's so important to talk often, and let them know "how their habits have contributed to your sense of self," Dr. Candice Cooper-Lovett, PhD, LMFT, a sex therapist, lead therapist, and owner of A New Creation Psychotherapy Services, tells Bustle.

Talking about the side effects of their habits can be a good first step in finding ways to make slight adjustments, so you can both feel good within the relationship. "It's also important to help your partner understand what your needs are and teach them how to treat you," Cooper-Lovett says.

Of course, it's not necessary to change each other, and you'll definitely want to accept each's quirks, while also assessing why certain habits make you feel bad. That said, being in a relationship means being accountable and considerate of each other, Cooper-Lovett says, and making an effort to listen, understand, and make adjustments along the way. Many of the habits listed below are ones that can take the biggest toll, according to experts, and impact how you feel about yourself.