If You Don’t Have Instagram’s New Emoji Poll Feature, Here’s What To Do

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Since launching Stories in 2016, Instagram has continuously added extra features to make the experience more personal and fun. Arguably one of the most interactive Instagram Story features is polls, which give users an opportunity to get to know their followers better. Not to mention, they're great for decision-making. And if you want something more lighthearted, Instagram's emoji poll sticker is your best bet. But if you're wondering why you don't have Instagram's emoji slider poll, you might have to take a few steps to unearth it.

What Is The Emoji Slider Poll On Instagram?

The emoji slider poll sticker on Instagram Stories is another entertaining way to get opinions and thoughts from your followers, but with the use of emojis (which of course makes everything better). In a normal Instagram poll, you would ask a question, then have your friends pick one of two options. For example, "what's the best cookie of all time: Choc. Chip, or Sugar?" In the emoji slider poll, on the other hand, you ask a question, like "How good does a fresh batch of warm cookies sound right now?" Then your friends slide the emoji you pick to the level they want. It looks like this:


Just like the poll sticker, your followers will respond when they watch your Instagram Story, and they'll also get to see the current average of how other followers have responded.

Aside from how adorable it is, the advantage of Instagram's emoji slider poll is that it allows you to ask more nuanced questions about your friends' feelings toward something. Instead of just getting a basic "yes" or "no" answer, you'll be able to see if they're maybe in between the two. It offers more more emotional context than a simple "this or that" poll.

The feature also gives users an easy way to make their Stories more interactive. Post a picture of a cute dog, and instead of writing something like "omg so cute," you can put in an emoji slider poll sticker with the caption "how cute is this dog?" Then, the people who view your Instagram Story will be more likely to engage with it. Because viewers don't have to actually type anything, they might be even more tempted to interact with the sticker, meaning you could hear from people who don't often respond to your Stories — another bonus.

How To Find Instagram's Emoji Slider Poll

If Instagram's emoji slider poll sounds awesome to you and you want to try it out right now, check out your Instagram app to see if you have the feature. Go into the app, and click the small camera icon on the upper lefthand side of your feed to upload a photo to your Story. Once you choose or take a photo, swipe up to get all of the sticker options to add. If you have the emoji slider poll, it will show up near the basic poll sticker, like so:


See it in the middle of the bottom row, with the little heart face emoji? After you select it, pick the emoji of your choice, and of course, add a question, any question.

If you don't see the emoji slider poll sticker on Instagram, it's probably one of two things: you either need to update the app, or something wonky is going on and you need Instagram's help to remedy it.

Try Updating Your Instagram App

This slider sticker is available as part of Instagram version 43 and above in the iOS App Store. Go to the app store, and if you see an update available for Instagram, download it. Once it's done, check out the app to see if the slider appears. You might need quit the app and reload it if you don't see the update changes right away. All that being said, Instagram is now past version 135, so chances are you've updated the app sometime between now and when the emoji slider poll was released.

Ask For Help From Instagram

If the emoji slider poll still isn't there, then it's time to ask Instagram for some help. Because the feature was released in May 2018, a simple update of the software should load it into your sticker portfolio. To get help, head to "Settings," and then tap "Help." There, you can tap the "Report a Problem" menu item, and tap "Something Ins't Working." You'll be taken to a page where you can briefly explain what the issue is. Be sure to clearly state that you've upgraded the app and still can't find the emoji slider poll feature, and a representative at Instagram will get back to you and help you get the feature.

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