Why Isn’t Elyse At 'The Bachelor' Women Tell All? Colton's Contestant Missed All The Drama


Elyse was one woman who made the choice to leave The Bachelor on her own terms, and plenty of fans were excited to see her on the show's "Women Tell All" special. But unfortunately, they were left disappointed when it turned out that Elyse wasn't at Colton's "Women Tell All" special when press photos were released online from the taping the week before.

Lest you think that she's boycotting or something, trust that Elyse was just at a wedding on the weekend that the special taped. You have to hand it to her for being the kind of person to prioritize the people she cares about over fighting with her former cast mates. That being said, she was quick to clear things up with fans.

In her Instagram Stories this week, she explained her absence. She wrote:

So, it doesn't seem like she regrets her experience — she just had something else to do that day.

Elyse was weirdly at the center of a lot of drama between Onyeka and Nicole this season, but only after a rumor made itself known after her self-elimination. It seems like forever ago, but Oneyka had told Colton that Nicole said she was only there for a chance to get out of Miami, or, simply put, there for the wrong reasons. Nicole was eventually eliminated anyway, and it was just the first instance of the season where another girl suggested that her competitors didn't have Colton's best interests at heart. Given what went down afterwards between Oneyka, Nicole, and some of the other girls, it would have been nice to have Elyse on the dais Tuesday night to clear the air about what she had heard. Alas, she was off dancing at a loved one's wedding. And she was probably better off for it.

It seems like she's living her best life since filing the show and happy to stay above the fray. The makeup artist still continued to watch The Bachelor even after she was no longer onscreen. "Yes, I still watch the episodes, and I am cheering the girls on and for Colton to get his 'Happily Ever After,'" she wrote on Instagram.

So, if you're worried about Elyse — don't be. She seems to have had the best experience on Colton's Bachelor season as possible. And she missed all of the yelling at the "Women Tell All," too.