Why Millennials Are Still Optimistic About Dating

by Laken Howard

If you're a single Millennial, you're probably familiar with the endless struggle of trying to find love on dating apps. Sure, it doesn't take much effort to download an app and swipe right, but after that, online dating can be a serious sh*t-show. Trying to find a real connection on a dating app requires a lot of patience: you have to deal with all the bad behaviors that plague modern dating, from breadcrumbing to receiving massively mixed signals. So with all the downright infuriating nonsense Millennial daters have to endure, you might assume that our whole generation has become cynical AF about love, right?

It might sound crazy, but apparently, our generation is still pretty damn optimistic about finding love. On Valentine's Day, relationship-focused app Hinge published a new book — IRL — which is full of real anecdotes and fascinating stats that show how Hinge users (the majority of which are aged 23-36) really feel about dating in the digital age. According to IRL, 88 percent of singles said they feel 'hopeful' about dating — which is pretty pleasantly surprising given the many complications of modern dating.

"Our goal with IRL is to remind people that in a world of ghosting, flakes, and dick pics, there is also humor, joy, and ultimately love," Hinge spokesperson Jean-Marie McGrath tells Bustle.

If you've been feeling a little down in the dumps about your love life lately, here are seven stats that prove you shouldn't lose all hope. As it turns out, Millennials aren't all jaded, cynical a-holes — we're actually much more open to love than other generations might think.


Half Of People Believe In Love At First Sight

IRL revealed that 50 percent of people believe in love at first sight, which is pretty darn cute. (Or maybe it's just proof that rom-coms are still working their magic on us.)


Almost All Hinge Users Are Open To A Relationship

It might seem like every Millennial has been programmed to only seek hookups, but apparently that's not the case for a lot of us. According to IRL, 93 percent of Hinge members said they would be open to a relationship.


Most People Know A Couple Who Met Online

You might be inundated with online dating horror stories, but plenty of happy, healthy couples meet online all the time — and chances are you know at least one. Of those surveyed for IRL, 78 percent said they knew a couple who had met via dating app, which is proof that the online dating pond isn't just filled with catfish and f*ckboys.


We're No Longer Shy About Saying We Met Via App

If you're still one of those people with something like "we'll tell our parents we met at church" in your dating profile, it might be time to do a little revision. Thankfully, 90 percent of Hinge users said they would admit to meeting an S.O. online — and it's about time, considering that it's 2017, and online dating is super normal and nothing to be ashamed of.


We're Addicted To The Process Of Finding Love

According to the 2017 Match Singles in America study, Millennials are 125 percent more likely to admit they're 'addicted' to finding love. Though it might not be healthy to be addicted to online dating, it's still nice to know that we aren't giving up on finding a real connection.


We Crave A Relationship More Than Other Generations

Match's SIA study also found that, compared to other generations, Millennials are 30 percent more likely to want a relationship this year. So if you have yet to take the leap and download a dating app or two, now might be the right time.


We're Still Making Dating Profiles

Even though 22 percent of those surveyed by Match said they think technology has made it harder to find love, Millennials still aren't giving up on online dating. We're 57 percent more likely to have created a dating profile than any other generation — which makes sense, since we're all so attached to our smartphones.

When it comes to online dating, I know exactly what it feels like to be stuck in a rut, swearing that dating apps are a waste of time. But maybe all you need is to re-strategize and get out of your dating comfort zone — because clearly, there are still plenty of people out there who, like you, are hopeful about finding someone special.