12 Reasons Peter Shouldn't Be The New Bachelor

by Jordan Lauf
George Burns/ABC

The chemistry between Rachel and Peter on The Bachelorette is undeniable. (I mean, they once snuck off to a hot tub together during a group date.) But even though Peter has seemed like a front runner for much of the season, the most recent episode ended with a tense conversation that revealed that Peter might not be ready to propose to Rachel.

In the world of The Bachelorette, not being certain about a proposal is a big no-no. Rachel expressed how nervous this made her, since she's searching for a fiancé, not a boyfriend, but Peter wouldn't relent and insisted that if he's getting down on one knee, he has to be certain that it's the only time he's ever going to do it. That might sound reasonable enough to viewers, but it left a heartbroken Rachel in tears. Crying during a Fantasy Suite date is never a good sign, and the way things are heading with the other men, it seems like Peter might be in danger of elimination.

If Peter goes home, that puts him in the running for one of the most coveted titles in America — the Bachelor. Dean's hometown's elimination earlier in the season led Bachelor Nation to call for his selection as the lead for next season (#DeanForBachelor), but the announcement that he will be on Bachelor in Paradise has made fans doubtful that this would come to pass. Plus, not long after he was kicked off of the show, Dean said he wasn't ready to be the Bachelor — at least not yet. Now, it's looking more and more likely that an eliminated Peter might be the new frontrunner for the Bachelor. But even though Peter is practically perfect, I have serious doubts that he would actually make a good Bachelor. Here's 13 reasons why I think The Bachelor should pass on Peter.


He's Too Reserved

George Burns/ABC

In the real world, wanting to be sure about your emotions before sharing them and taking things slow are qualities to be valued. Not so in Bachelor Nation. If you want to be the Bachelor, you have to be willing to share your emotions not just with producers and cast members, but with millions of people watching at home. And, you have to be willing to let your guard down enough to fall in love with someone in an incredibly short amount of time. Peter's track record on The Bachelorette demonstrates that maybe he's not ready to jump into such an experience.


He Runs A Business

Peter is the owner and founder of Worth Personal Training. The business' Instagram page describes it as: "Madison, WI based in-home and on location personal training and bootcamps. Owned by Peter Kraus. "Because you are WORTH it!" But, like, in order to run a personalized training business and bootcamps, you kinda have to be there. If Peter spent even more time away from work, his business might suffer.


He Might Not Be Willing To Move

From everything we've learned about Peter so far, it seems clear that one thing he really loves is his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin — and that's great. But Bachelors and Bachelorettes who are unwilling to move often fall into trouble when they are dating people spread all across the country. Remember the drama about moving to Bachelor Chris Soules' farm in Iowa? A Bachelor not willing to relocate will only place their eventual relationship in jeopardy.


He Can Find Love In The Real World

Let's be real people. This man is beautiful and he loves kids and dogs? What's not to like! It's honestly amazing to me that he is still single at all, but I have full confidence that he wouldn't have a problem finding love in the real world, especially after appearing on The Bachelorette.


He Would Miss His Family

Peter is clearly a family man, and signing up for more months of seclusion, press, and everything else that comes with being the Bachelor would once again remove him from his tight knit family unit.


He Might Be Unwilling To Propose

Peter has already voiced that he only wants to propose once, and he has to be certain that the lucky woman is the right one for him. If he feels uncomfortable doing that after only knowing Rachel for a few months, chances are he'll feel the same way when it comes down to proposing to a woman on The Bachelor. And if he doesn't want to propose, then what is this whole thing for anyway?


He's Kinda Boring

I mean this in the best way possible, but Peter just seems like a normal dude. Other than his out-of-this-world good looks, and that one time he posed with a bunch of chains, he's just a nice, normal Wisconsin guy looking for a partner. And that's great, but sometimes it doesn't make for the most riveting television. The Bachelor or Bachelorette needs a little more spunk.


Dean Should Still Be The Bachelor

I know, I know. Dean is gonna be on Bachelor in Paradise and he's already come out and said that he doesn't want to be the Bachelor, but I believe that Bachelor King Chris Harrison has the power to persuade him otherwise. After all, you have to give the people what they want, and the people want Dean. Judging by the above photo, I think Peter would agree.


He Doesn't Seem To Believe In The Process

ABC/George Burns

Peter looks confused in this picture, and he seems to be a little confused about the way The Bachelorette works, as well. He doesn't understand that not wanting to propose isn't normal, and not sharing your feelings of love after, like, two dates is usually how you get sent home. He's expressed a ton of doubt for how this whole process works, and while that's totally normal, it doesn't really make for a great Bachelor.


He Might Still Be Heartbroken

If Peter is the Bachelor, that means he's been dumped by Rachel... and considering how serious their relationship actually seems, that might result in some pretty painful heartbreak for Peter. Filming for The Bachelor begins pretty shortly after The Bachelorette ends, so Peter might not have time to truly move on from Rachel before he embarks on another journey for love.


He Should Quit While He's Ahead

Peter already has a ton of fans — peep this adorable Instagram. But even though becoming the Bachelor grants you even more national recognition, that's not always a good thing for your public image. Remember how beloved Juan Pablo was before he revealed himself as a grade-A jerk? Sometimes it's better to recede from the public eye.


He Belongs With Rachel

George Burns/ABC

I'm still holding out hope that Peter could win this whole thing, and overcome his proposal anxiety and get down on one knee. He and Rachel have undeniable chemistry, her family loves him, and he's nice to look at — what more could you want girl? Here's to hoping that Peter won't be the new Bachelor, because he's happily engaged to Rachel.