Why Raven Is Perfect For 'Bachelor In Paradise'


She may not have managed to snag the final rose on The Bachelor, but there's no doubt in my mind that Raven Gates will make a perfect contestant on Bachelor In Paradise. In Nick Viall's season, Raven ultimately became the runner-up after fans heart-wrenchingly watched her pour her heart out to Nick in a speech, just moments before he revealed his decision to propose to winner, Vanessa Grimaldi.

However, despite coming in second place when it comes to Nick's heart, Raven effortlessly managed to capture the many hearts of tons of fans who have been tuning in religiously to watch the wildly popular reality competition. Interestingly, it would be during a one-on-one date with Nick that the 25-year-old boutique owner — whose meek and mild personality initially gave off the impression of a sweet hometown girl from Arkansas — would show her date, and the entire audience, her ability to hold her own. She shared a jaw-dropping tale of how she once caught her, now, ex-boyfriend in the bed with another woman.

It was seemingly a moment that proved to be the turning point in Raven's stint on the dating show, ultimately demonstrating that she's tough enough to stay in the game and possibly even showcasing her prowess for a run at future opportunities with the franchise.


And literally from that day on, it appeared that Raven had figured out how to position herself for a win within the series. Her seemingly genuine heart and openness to finding love certainly makes her an ideal candidate for any dating scenario placed in front of her. I'm sure that anyone who tuned in this season would have to agree that there's no doubt that she'll quickly find love on the BIP spin-off.

Following her heartbreaking exit from Bachelor, Raven graciously accepted host Chris Harrison’s offer to join Season 4 of the show's Bachelor in Paradise spin-off, which, in my opinion, totally proves that Raven is destined to find love on the ABC franchise. Or at the very least, she'll continue to market her fashion boutique on live television while trying. So it kinda sounds like a win-win situation to me.

During a recent press conference following Raven's acceptance of the invitation to join Paradise, she told The Hollywood Reporter,

“I really trust the Bachelor system. I feel like I’m surrounded by a bunch of love matchmakers, so that’s why I’m confident in finding love in Paradise. I just believe in the process."

And with that type of confidence, I'm more than certain that Raven will come out a winner in the end.