Will Eleanor Take Back Jasper On 'The Royals'? His Plan With Brandon Boone Better Pan Out


Phew, after a Jasper-less week, the bodyguard hath returned! Yet, the reason he was gone might not actually help Jasper win back Eleanor on The Royals. Yes, I am fully aware that Jasper was the one who broke up with Eleanor, but everything he has been doing since then has been to protect her. So, if The Royals wants to keep Jeleanor fans satisfied, Jasper's plan to distract the reporter Harper Day with Brandon Boone's juicy story better work — and also make Eleanor forgive Jasper on The Royals once more.

Did it make sense that Jasper felt the need to break Eleanor's heart when Harper threatened to write a story exposing their relationship and Jasper's sordid past? No, not really. But it did effectively break up this beloved pair. Jasper then disappeared for an episode, but thankfully returned for "In the Same Figure, Like the King That's Dead" on Jan. 30, where it was revealed that he went missing to put an end to Harper's scheming. He not only got some dirt on her drug trafficking past, but he decided to give her an even better story than the one about him and Eleanor.

Jasper brought the soldier who had shot down Robert's plane (by order of Ted Pryce) Brandon Boone to Harper. He also provided evidence to back up the fact that Ted was behind Robert's supposed death to Harper to try and ensure that she'll write about Brandon and the plan to kill Prince Robert and not write about Eleanor. (I'm sure Robert will love that.)

While Harper might actually keep her promise and not write about Jasper and Eleanor's relationship, that doesn't mean that Eleanor will accept Jasper back. As the princess noted herself, she has given him so many chances and he continues to hurt her. Now that she's in a healthier mindset — plus, she has Prince Sebastian interested in her and a cool new female bodyguard — she may not want to take Jasper back. And if you think of it from Eleanor's perspective, you really can't blame her.

Before the introduction of Sebastian, I thought Jasper and Eleanor would get back together before Season 3 ends. However, now that there are only two episodes left in the season, I'm concerned for this couple. Because even if Harper doesn't write about them, their relationship has already been sufficiently damaged and something tells me Eleanor would have preferred a tabloid story about her dating Jasper over him dumping her. While he has made plenty of mistakes before this one, not letting Eleanor decide for herself how she wanted to handle Harper was a major slip up. Jeleanor fans know his heart was in the right place — but I'm worried that his good intentions won't be enough for Eleanor this time around.