Here's Where 'Another Period' Could Go In Season 4

Comedy Central

One of the most hilarious, feminist, and absurd TV shows around is Comedy Central's Another Period. With Season 3 of the Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome spoof show wrapping up on March 20, you'll be demanding Season 4 of Another Period like Lillian and Beatrice demand ice cream cones from their servants. But the fate of Another Period hangs in the balance since, as of the Season 3 finale, Comedy Central hasn't renewed it yet. And it would be a tragedy if the Bellacourts and their servants didn't return for another season of upper-class and lowbrow shenanigans.

Another Period wraps up its Season 3 with two episodes on March 20 — "Commodore Returns" and "President Bellacourt." With the season finale hinting that Frederick could become president, a fourth season particularly needs to happen. Yet, Comedy Central hasn't given it the green light yet, which isn't a great sign. Especially because, as Variety reported, Another Period was renewed for a Season 3 before Season 2 even aired. But that sadly wasn't the case for Season 4. And, the website TV Series Finale noted how viewership for Another Period Season 3 has been down compared to its second season. So fans might want to prepare for the devastating possibility that Comedy Central does not renew Another Period.

Hopefully it does return, though, because there are so many places a potential Season 4 of Another Period could go. Here are some things fans would want to see in Season 4 — should it return.

Who The Next Hortense Will Be

Season 3 introduced Donna Lynne Champlin of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as the fourth Hortense. As Leggero and Lindhome told Entertainment Weekly, the first two Hortenses — Artemis Pebdani and Lauren Ash — landed other TV shows. When Lauren Flans became the third Hortense in Season 2, Leggaro told EW, "I like the idea of [making it a running] gag, but I also want to keep her." But they obviously chose to keep switching up Hortense, which means Season 4 could be another opportunity for epic casting.

Frederick As The President Of The U.S.A.

Comedy Central

Frederick was the vice president of the U.S. (or usa, as Frederick calls it) in Season 3 and decides to pursue becoming president in the finale. If so, that means Season 4 could make some great jokes with Frederick as the completely inept president — and there'd inevitably be some comparisons to the real current president.

More Historical Figures

Harry Houdini, Adolf Hitler, and Pablo Picasso — plus, a recurring Helen Keller — were featured historical figures in Season 3. So expect more bizarre cameos from early 20th century people in a potential Season 4.

More Musical Numbers

Another Period loves a good musical number, which makes sense since Lindhome is from the musical comedy group Garfunkel and Oates. Season 3 gave fans an Annie-inspired episode with Garfield and there's bound to be more songs to come if the series comes back.

The Return Of Chair

While it's a longshot that Christina Hendricks would return to Another Period now that she has her NBC show Good Girls, it's worth hoping she'd come back. Especially since David Koechner's Commodore is going to show up in the penultimate episode of Season 3.

The Continuation Of The Peepers & Dodo Love Saga

Peepers had his heart broken by Dodo in "The Love Boat," but that hasn't stopped him from pining for the lady of the house. And Paget Brewster and Michael Ian Black's performances are just too good not to combine again — especially after their epic love scene in Season 3.

More Meta Jokes

Beth Dover plays the maid Blanche, who is often institutionalized. Season 3 gave viewers a look at life in the asylum and there were some definite Orange Is The New Black vibes, which was particularly amazing since Dover plays Linda in the Neflix series. So fans should wish for more clever tie-ins come Season 4.

Along with these ideas, another season of Another Period would include Downton Abbey references, social and political commentary, and some gross-out gags (here's looking at you, drug ring in the asylum) from the outrageous — and outrageously talented — cast. So here's hoping that Comedy Central doesn't give up on this series because the world desperately needs this historical parody that continues to ring so painfully true in 2018 and beyond.