This 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Theory Could Mean Daenerys Will Be Crowned The Night Queen

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is proving to be a tough one for Daenerys. First, she gets a chilly welcome at Winterfell where none of the northerners are interested in the bending the knee to her, and then she finds out Jon's her nephew (with a better claim to the Iron Throne). But could an even darker twist be coming? Like, say, Daenerys becoming the Night Queen.

Now, there's no evidence that the Night King is actively looking for a queen. He's definitely not surfing Westeros Tinder in between his attempts at world domination. At the moment, he's presumably heading to Winterfell with his army in hopes of destroying Bran, and if Daenerys is part of his plan, he's certainly keeping it quiet.

But thanks to Reddit user marisaann26, some fans can't help but wonder if the Mother of Dragons is about to rule alongside the biggest bad in Westeros. The theory hinges on the vision Daenerys has in the House of the Undying back in Season 2. You'll remember she's led through two visions before being reunited with her stolen dragons. In the first, she finds herself in the throne room in King's Landing, but it's completely ruined. The ceiling is full of holes and snow covers every surface. Still, she reaches for the Iron Throne, but she turns away from it when she hears her dragons crying.

Per the theory, Daenerys turning away from the Iron Throne is actually a metaphor for her actions in Season 7. She's finally in a position to fight Cersei for power, but instead she turns North and goes beyond the Wall to save Jon and his friends. In the process, she loses Viserion to the Night King.

In the second part of the vision, she's reunited with Khal Drogo and her infant son who died at birth. She finds herself tempted to stay, but she again hears her dragons cry, and she tells Drogo that they'll be reunited "when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east." According to the theory, this represents Daenerys' dragons crying out for their fallen brother.

Now, none of this seems to point to Daenerys joining the Night King, but there's a third part to the vision that hasn't been paralleled just yet: the Mother of Dragons leaving Khal Drogo and her son behind. This could represent her leaving her human life behind to be forever reunited with her children, because if the theory proves to be true, than she's about to lose all of her dragons to the Night King.

The prospect isn't as far-fetched as you might think. Jon's plan is to have the dragons stationed near Bran, so that they can take out the Night King, instantly destroying the entire army of the dead. But what if the plan backfires, and Drogon and Rhaegal are killed (and resurrected) by the Night King.

Daenerys' heart broke when she lost one of her children. To lose all three in the name of a war that she doesn't truly want to be fighting in the first place might just be enough to make her join the Night King on her own volition.

It's hard to imagine Daenerys being so distraught that she would turn to the Night King in order to ensure she gets her throne. But there is evidence from the books to back up the idea of a Night Queen. Reddit user marisaann26 noted the 13th Commander of the Night's Watch (the book series' answer to the Night King) left his post to be with "a woman made of ice." They went on to rule together.

Again, this doesn't confirm that the show will have a Night Queen too, but it should make you go "hmmm." Also suspect is Emilia Clarke's May 2018 interview with Vanity Fair that suggested Daenerys' final scene is potentially going to be a disturbing one. "It f*cked me up," she said of her character's last moments. "Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone's mouth of what Daenerys is..."

Wait, of what she is? Could Clarke have been tipping fans off about a dark final arc for her beloved character. Daenerys has certainly been having a tough go of things in Season 8 so far, and with the Battle of Winterfell coming, things are bound to get worse. Now, the jury's still out on whether she would ever go so far as to align herself with the Night King, but fans should be bracing for some sort of twist involving the Mother of Dragons before the series ends.