Helena's Babies Might Have Something In Common With Kira On 'Orphan Black'

Ian Watson/BBC America

There are a heck of a lot of questions to be answered in Orphan Black Season 5, including the identity of P.T. Westmoreland, the presence of any more undisclosed clones, and whether or not everyone will survive. But one of the most intriguing mysteries that still needs to be solved before the final season ends its run this August is the matter of Helena's twin babies. Are Helena's babies special in any way? Or are they just a symbol of hope so that the series can go out on an optimistic note?

Either way, it certainly seems like viewers might have an answer to that question sooner rather than later. The Season 5 premiere, "The Few Who Dare," contained a rather nasty twist for Helena and her unborn offspring. While hiding out in the woods, she and Alison and Donnie are ambushed by Neolution cronies and, while defending Donnie from capture, Helena is knocked down and has her pregnant belly impaled by a large stick. Surely that can't be good for the babies.

However, the fact that Donnie is rushing Helena to receive medical treatment likely signifies that some revelation about her twins is on the horizon. Frustratingly, the promo for the next episode, "Clutch Of Greed," doesn't show Helena at all, so the fate of her and her babies remains a mystery for now.

But there's reason to suspect that the mini Helenas might be slightly more than your average newborn twins. To date, Helena and her own twin — Sarah Manning — have been the only two Project Leda clones capable of conceiving a child. And if Helena's children are anything like Sarah's daughter Kira, then there's every reason to believe they might be born "special."

Although the show has yet to provide any sort of confirmation as to what Kira's exact abilities are — the show hasn't even officially confirmed that she has any, for that matter — it seems pretty clear at this point that Sarah's daughter is capable of more than your average prepubescent girl. Kira seems to have a slowly developing power that allows her to see events before they transpire; she knew the Neolutionists were closing in on their Icelandic hideout before anyone else could see the oncoming trucks, and she later told Cosima of a "dream" she'd had of Cosima setting Sarah on fire to prevent her from "changing." (This particular vision has yet to come to pass, but presumably will still pay off somewhere down the road.)

Whether or not Kira is fully psychic, it's clear that there's more to the adorable tyke than meets the eye. And assuming that whatever made her "special" came from her clone mother and not her deadbeat dad Cal (a seemingly safe assumption, although you never know on this show), then it stands to reason that Helena's children would also be "special," considering she and Sarah have shared everything in common since the womb.

Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson has promised that Kira's abilities will be explored in the final season, telling TVLine that, "That has been a enduring mystery, and I've always liked the fact that whatever is up with Kira, it's something that Sarah can't quite face. She hasn't been able to face it or address it because she's just a little kid. She doesn't want her to be special or different or chased around or whatever. But I think there's a reckoning coming this year."

If answers about Sarah's child are coming soon, then surely answers about Helena's babies can't be far behind. In the promo for the June 17 episode, M.K. can be heard stating that, "Rachel wants to restart human cloning." But what if the subject of Rachel's research isn't going to be her Project Leda sestras — but rather the super-powered offspring of Project Leda: Kira and the twins? Child experimentation certainly seems like something that would be up her evil alley…