There’s Hope Yet For Lincoln & Ilana On ‘Broad City’

Matt Peyton/Comedy Central

Watching Broad City was hardly a heartbreaking experience in its first few years, but creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer changed that with the Season 3 episode, "Burning Bridges." Lincoln broke up with Ilana on Broad City, after three seasons of un-defined hooking up, and Abbi hurt Trey with her inconsiderate comments. While Lincoln and Ilana had never been officially boyfriend and girlfriend — since Ilana prides herself on being polyamorous — it was still a blow for fans of Hannibal Buress' easygoing dentist. But with Buress officially returning for Season 4, there's a possibility that Ilana and Lincoln could date again on Broad City.

Speaking to Bustle at the Tribeca Film Festival, Jacobson and Glazer hint about the fate of Buress' character after the Season 3 breakup:

"We didn't write him off. We miss him too," Glazer says. And Jacobson addresses fans' reactions — and teased some good things to come — when she says, "People were like angry! We were like, 'Just wait.'" Glazer adds, "But that's good. It's like, 'We'll see you in Season 4.'"

See you in Season 4, indeed, since in the trailer for the new Broad City season, Lincoln has some screen time. He admiringly says, "There's only one Ilana Wexler," and is also shown greeting a happy-to-see-him Ilana at a party (presumably in the same scene since he's wearing the same outfit) and giving her a high five in another scene.

Although Ilana is shown possibly embarking on a threesome in the Season 4 trailer, these clips inspire hope for Ilana and Lincoln 'shippers. (Ilancoln? Lincana?) The multiple moments that feature him are especially promising, since he told Ilana when he ended things that they couldn't be just friends. So while she may be getting her sexual exploration on — as she should since she's such a sexually adventurous and open character — there's a chance for romantic sparks between Lincoln and Ilana to fly once again.

But just because viewers love this couple doesn't necessarily mean that putting them back together would be the best thing for either of them. After all, Lincoln breaking up with Ilana was important for her development. She used to say things to Lincoln like, "We are open-sex friends. We are poly. We are bi." But she never truly acknowledged Lincoln's feelings. He hasn't told her that he is poly or bi, and he seemed to want to be in a monogamous relationship with her. So when he started sleeping with Steph, who also wanted to be in a relationship, in Season 3, he decided to move on from Ilana. And though her initial instinct was to act out, Ilana actually had a rare moment of self-reflection when she told Abbi about the breakup.

While fans won't want to see Abbi and Ilana mature too much in this hilarious comedy series, this was a grounding, realistic moment that proved why these women are so relatable and complex — even while being utterly absurd. And their characters growing up a bit is something that Glazer and Jacobson are covering in Season 4.

In an interview with the A.V. Club, Glazer said Ilana and Abbi will be progressing at their own Broad City pace this season, and Jacobson noted how the longer gap that occurred between this season and last is reflected in Season 4. "They're a little bit older and their lives have changed a little bit, so we're picking up with where they are right now," Jacobson said.

Glazer also teased how this year-and-a-half gap will impact their romantic relationships in an interview with Entertainment Weekly at San Diego Comic-Con. "They're in their accelerated relationship statuses — or not in relationships — basically. They're growing at their rate of growth," she said.

In another interview with EW, Glazer said, "Ilana's definitely at a loss when we first see her this season in present day." So while it wouldn't have been true to Ilana's character for her to settle down with Lincoln in Season 3, perhaps when they reunite at a party in Season 4 after over a year apart, an older Ilana will be into trying a real relationship with him. Because these two have got something special and it'd be a waste not to let this dentist back in her heart.