'Sherlock' Could See Irene In Season 4

by Amy Mackelden

Season 4 of Sherlock got off to a dramatic start last week, and the second episode of the new season, mysteriously titled "The Lying Detective," was no exception. Beware, as there are spoilers ahead. Named for the Arthur Conan Doyle story "The Dying Detective," the episode introduced us to a new nemesis for Watson and Holmes, in the form of serial killer Culverton Smith, and dealt with the aftermath of Mary Watson's death. Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock have always been prepared for unexpected plot twists, but Season 4 has amped up the action more than ever before. And a question I never thought I'd hear myself ask is, is Irene Adler in Sherlock Season 4?

"The Lying Detective" served up several shocks for the viewer, including the return of Amanda Abbington as Mary Watson, but only in hallucinations that John was having, unfortunately. However, one of the most exciting revelations by far was that Irene Adler is not only seemingly alive and well in the Sherlock universe, but she's been texting (sexting?!) Sherlock since her disappearance. The big reveal came close to the end of the episode, when Sherlock received a text, and the tone that sounded was The Woman's. Fans everywhere are still in shock, especially as this means that Irene Adler could appear in Season 4.

Viewers last saw Irene Adler back in 2014, when she made a brief appearance in the Season 3 episode "The Sign Of Three," albeit only in Sherlock's imagination. Prior to that, the Season 2 episode "A Scandal In Belgravia" served as an introduction of the character and ended with the revelation that Sherlock saved Irene Adler from execution in Pakistan, though fans had wondered if she would actually return to the show or not.

As an important romantic connection for Sherlock, it's exciting to find out that the pair have continued to text, and that she might even make a reappearance in Season 4. Irene Adler is alive and texting Sherlock, so there could be some Cumberbatch romance in all of our futures.