Why 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Need To Get Over A Japril Reunion


Perhaps no show on television knows how to play with viewers' emotions as well as ABC's medical soap. Likely because fans have been watching for a decade-and-a-half at this point and are that much more invested in the characters than your average procedural. Will Jackson and April get back together on Grey's Anatomy Season 15? That's the type of question fans find themselves asking as the writers throw emotional curveball after curveball at the screen — yes, even when one of the two characters in question was literally written off the show six months ago.

Such small details aren't likely to factor into the hopes and dreams of viewers who are optimistic that one of the show's long-standing fan-favorite couples might still reunite, even in the absence of one half of that couple. The Nov. 8 episode, "Anybody Have A Map?" threw another log onto the fire of the still-smoldering 'ship known as "Japril," as Jackson admitted to his girlfriend Maggie that he still harbors feelings for his ex. Furthermore, he lamented the fact that the only reason he and April didn't work out was because of their differing philosophies regarding religion; but now that Jackson has found God, maybe things could work again between him and his former wife!

Could the on-again-off-again couple be poised for a dramatic reunion? (Sorry Mags, but you're better off without Jackson.) After all, Sarah Drew's post-Grey's project, CBS' reboot of the classic '80s detective show Cagney & Lacey, failed to secure a pickup by the network, meaning the actress' schedule is wide open for her to make a triumphant comeback to the show she just left eight episodes ago.

But will she? "I heard something about that [storyline], but I haven't been watching," Drew recently revealed to Hollywood Life. In fact, she's "not thinking about [Grey's Anatomy] much anymore. I'm kind of moving on with my life and excited to enter into this new chapter." Still, the actress wouldn't completely rule out the idea of a return to Grey Sloan — and ergo, a reunion with her onscreen hubby.

"I think I'm never going to say no. Those are my friends and family over there, but I definitely did say goodbye to that character and I had some good closure with it emotionally. Yeah, I'll never say never."

Even if Drew didn't return to the series, there's always the possibility that Jackson and April could reunite offscreen, with April simply remaining unseen given that she no longer works at the hospital. But even that unsatisfying option is unlikely, given where April was in her life the last time viewers saw her. In all the fan hysteria after hearing Jackson talk about April with regret, it's easy to forget that her character didn't just leave the show… she also got married to Matthew on her way out the door.

Unless things have quickly devolved between the spouses since their nuptials in the Season 14 finale, it's pretty safe to say that April won't be getting back together with Jackson anytime soon, onscreen or off. Still, his feelings for his ex could still drive Jackson and Maggie apart — even if that doesn't pave the way for a Japril reunion. Find out what will happen to Jackson's relationship when the Season 15 winter finale, "All Of Me," airs on Nov. 15.