Nick Viall Should Totally Break Out His Turtleneck & Head To ‘Bachelor Winter Games’


Next February, a sporting event will take place that is all things honorable, important, and historic. The event is, but of course, The Bachelor Winter Games. So, who will be part of the Olympics-themed Bachelor spin-off? The official cast list has yet to be revealed, but if there is one Bachelor alum who has proven time and time again that they are a Bachelor legend worthy of such an illustrious competition, it is Nick "Four-peat" Viall. So, will Nick be on The Bachelor Winter Games? Like the Olympic torch, the question burns.

Nick certainly wants us to think he wouldn’t consider participating in the Olympics-themed reality competition series. Back in May, Nick told Entertainment Tonight that he has “zero plans to do reality TV.” He continued, I’m certainly done with anything Bachelor-related, but I'm very thankful for my time.” And when Nick appeared on Entertainment Weekly radio’s Bachelor Live a few days later, he seemed less than down to do a reality series about his and Vanessa’s relationship. When asked if he’s moved on from the reality TV arena, he replied, “I can strongly say with conviction that as far as being on a reality TV show that documents my love life of any kind, I’m done with.”

Granted, he said all of this when he was fresh off a grueling season of Dancing with the Stars, which he joined right after doing four stints on various Bachelor programs. Man, that is a lot of reality TV. And to be part of five different competition shows in four years? Whew, that would be exhausting. No wonder he felt done.

It’d sort of be like asking someone who just traipsed around Disneyland for four years with no breaks if they want to turn around and go back to the theme park for another two months. Sure, they could say yes. But they could also say they're pretty sure their feet are about to fall off, that their lower back has all but seized up permanently, that they would rather decompress on the couch than stand in another mile-long line for the Indiana Jones ride (a line that’s worth it every time), and that they couldn’t eat another delicious turkey leg if their life depended on it. They still love Disneyland, of course, and they will be amped to go back eventually, of course, but they need a serious breather before they jump back into the mix. Maybe Viall is ready to go back to Disneyland, er, The Bachelor universe now.

Speaking of roller coasters, Nick’s time on The Bachelor/ette sure has been a ride. (Yep, still clinging to that strained theme park metaphor.) Nick made his small screen debut on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette way back in 2014, where he received the first impression rose, made it all the way to the finale, and ultimately lost to Josh Murray. Nick resurfaced on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. On the fifth episode, he popped by a group date, where everybody learned that he and Kaitlyn had been communicating before the season. Much to the chagrin of the other contestants, Kaitlyn added Nick to the stable of suitors. Once again, Nick remained in the competition until the final episode, and once again, he was the season’s runner-up.

And then, Nick tried his hand at Bachelor in Paradise. He didn’t find love, but he sure did win over the hearts of the viewers at home. So, Mike Fleiss and co. made a logical decision: they elected Nick the next Bachelor.

In August, Nick and Bachelor Season 21 victor Vanessa Grimaldi announced that they’d broken off their engagement. But before anyone could seriously consider the possibility of the four-time contestant dusting off his Bachelor hat and going in for another round, show creator Mike Fleiss tweeted, “Nick is NOT the next #TheBachelor.

Could that be because Nick wasn’t interested and/or because ABC wanted to give someone else a shot? Or could it be because ABC is keeping Nick on deck until it’s time to select the cast for the Olympics-inspired Bachelor show?

Not only is he an athletic dude, a valiant reality TV competitor, and Bachelor royalty, but he also looks real sharp in a turtleneck. Above all else, he should be on The Bachelor Winter Games just so he has another excuse to bust out this knit number.