'Quantico's Future Currently Seems Uncertain

It's that time of year again, where fans anxiously wait to hear whether their favorite shows have been renewed or canceled. And there's one specific series whose fate is up in the air; it remains unknown whether Quantico will return for Season 3. The wonderfully soapy, spy drama featuring a diverse cast of special agents has a loyal fan following, but that might not be enough to ensure that Quantico gets renewed for a third season.

As reported by TVLine in February, Quantico has struggled for ratings in its second season, with viewing figures decreasing by 40 percent since its freshman average. While this can often be a deciding factor in determining a show's future, Variety speculated that Quantico isn't expected to be canceled. An anonymous source suggested to the publication that the show will move from New York City to Los Angeles for its third season. If true, this may be an effort to entice a new audience to start watching, or to get viewers who may have switched off in Season 2 to return.

Bringing a little bit of hope regarding Quantico's situation, ABC seems to have faith in the show and may be taking steps to save it. For example, toward the end of Quantico's second season, the show appeared to take a more streamlined and topical approach to plot than in previous episodes. They also traded its Sunday night viewing slot for Monday nights.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Quantico showrunner Josh Safran attributed this as being a positive sign that ABC believed in the show. He said,

"I understand that ABC wanted to move us as soon as possible, because our viewership was eroding and it was a way to stem that. I really applaud ABC for moving us because they didn’t have to and it shows their faith in the show."

Considering how Quantico powerfully managed to take deep looks at issues within American politics, and our place in the world because of them, it would be a great shame to see the show canceled at what could be a pivotal time for its overall story. Hopefully fans will get some official confirmation either way very soon.