These Clues Hint That Stephanie Could Have Triplets On 'Fuller House'

Mike Yarish/Netflix

Stephanie Tanner told her older sister in Season 1 of Fuller House that she couldn't have children. Yet, Aunt Becky gave Stephanie the hope of having biological children in the first half of Season 3. Major Fuller House Season 3 spoilers follow. Turns out, Aunt Becky was correct to encourage Stephanie to try since Kimmy is pregnant with Stephanie's baby on Fuller House, as Kimmy revealed in the Season 3 finale. Yet, there's a very good chance that Kimmy could be pregnant with more than one baby and if that's the case, Stephanie might have triplets on Fuller House.

UPDATE: TV Line has announced that Fuller House has officially been renewed for Season 4.

EARLIER: Sometimes it seems that TV executives think nothing breathes life into a TV show like actual life — and that's perhaps the most true for the people behind Full House and its revival. So if Fuller House returns for Season 4, Kimmy will probably give birth toward the end of the season in dramatic fashion. But what would make it even more dramatic is if Kimmy gave birth to multiple children. And the Netflix show hinted that twins or triplets for Stephanie and Jimmy could be an actual possibility. In the episode, "Fast Times At Bayview High," Stephanie's doctor told her that she had three viable embryos from her in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. No one specified exactly how many of those three embryos were implanted into Stephanie's gestational surrogate Kimmy. But if all three were, then Tanner-Gibbler triplets could become a reality.


D.J. says in the episode, "Happily Ever After," that Kimmy had "Stephanie's embryos implanted today" — and yes, that was the plural form of embryos. As WebMD notes, "To increase the chances of pregnancy, most IVF experts recommend transferring up to three embryos at a time. However, this means you could have a multiple pregnancy, which can increase the health risks for both you and the babies." If Kimmy, as the surrogate, carries all three embryos to term, then Stephanie will have triplets in no time.

If triplets sound over-the-top to you, now's the time to gently remind you that this is a Full House revival and nothing is ever too much. The motto of these shows should probably be, "The more the merrier" as the goal seems to be to see how many people can pack into that San Francisco home. And the addition of triplets would surely make the Fuller house even fuller...er. Plus, the parallels between Stephanie and Jesse have already been apparent for all of Fuller House and Uncle Jesse had twins with Aunt Becky. So the only way to up the ante is if Stephanie had three children. Have mercy!

The only reason that Steph might not have triplets is because of real-life logistics. As made clear by the fact that Michelle on Full House was played by the Olsen twins and Tommy on Fuller House is played by twins Fox and Dashiell Messitt, TV shows prefer to hire twins or triplets to portray babies. (Interestingly enough, the Messitt twins' mother told PEOPLE that her sons were born via surrogate. Although only one embryo was implanted in her surrogate and it just happened to split.) As Slate noted, this is because, in the state of California — where Fuller House films on a soundstage — babies under the age of 6 months can only work 20 minutes a day. For children between 6 months and 2 years, California law states they can work up to two hours a day. Multiple babies play the same child character in order to maximize the character's screen time.

So if Stephanie has triplets, don't expect to see them too often on Fuller House. But for now, all that fans know is that Kimmy is pregnant with at least one child for her brother and Steph — and that means Stephanie is keeping the Tanner tradition of reproducing alive and well.