Will This 'Love Actually' Cameo Work Without Alan Rickman? Your Favorite Jewelry Salesman Is Back

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The announcement that a sequel to Love Actually is in the works has gotten fans of the original movie incredibly excited. With filming already underway, Twitter is alight with set photos and snapshots of the actors reuniting with glee. And on Thursday, the director of Red Nose Day and real-life partner of Richard Curtis, Emma Freud, shared a photo of Rowan Atkinson filming the Love Actually sequel. But will his cameo work without Alan Rickman? The pair had an important scene together.

In the original movie, Atkinson famously played Rufus, a jewelry salesman in a department store. In one of the most hilarious scenes in the movie, Harry (played by Rickman) bought the famous heart necklace, and Rufus proceeded to give the best customer service of all time, which included the most elaborate gift-wrapping you have ever witnessed. Of course, Harry gave Mia the necklace instead of giving it to his wife Karen, much to the dismay of viewers everywhere. But without the crucial interaction between Rufus and Harry, how will Atkinson's appearance in the Love Actually sequel work?

Fans are already unsure how to feel about the fact that the Love Actually sequel may not feature a Rickman tribute, and that Emma Thompson is reportedly not returning. Despite these aspects, I'm excited to see Atkinson back in character as Rufus and working in a supermarket. Clearly, the character has undergone some major changes since we last saw him working in a high-end department store.

While Rickman will be majorly missed, Rufus was integral to Love Actually, and we're lucky to get an update on his life. He was somewhat of a guardian angel, especially when he helped Sam and Joanna unite at the airport, by distracting security. What a legend. Whatever role Rufus has in the plot of the Love Actually sequel, it's sure to be important and hilarious.

The short film will be broadcast as part of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day, which airs in the U.K. on March 24 and will presumably (hopefully) be all over the internet straight after that.