OMG, This Photo Is A MAJOR Hint That Yuki Could Be On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 5

ABC Press

American Bachelor Nation fans first met and fell in love with Yuki Kimura during her stint on the very first Bachelor Winter Games, and since, haven't been able to stop talking about the Japan native all over social media. It looks like the model and YouTube star could be making a return to Bachelor Nation soon, as Chris Harrison's latest Instagram hints that Yuki could be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. So just in case you're one of the fans who are still completely heartbroken over her exit from the show, you're in luck.

Though first introduced to American Bachelor fans in Jan. 2018, the 21-year-old was no stranger to Bachelor Nation. Yuki appeared on the very first season of The Bachelor Japan, where she competed for the heart of 35-year-old entreprenuer Hirotake Kubo along with 24 other eligible bachelorettes. Yuki didn't win the competition, however, but her loss turned into a tremendous gain as the Bachelor alum was called to be on Winter Games shortly after.

Just as The Bachelor Japan didn't result in Yuki finding her one true love, her appearance on Winter Games didn't lead to a marriage proposal either. After garnering a connection with Winter Games contestant Ben Higgins, who left the show early on, the Japan native was sent home — resulting in one of the most heartbreaking moments captured by Bachelor Nation cameras. No one wanted to see Yuki go home, not even Chris Harrison who, unfortunately, had to do the honors, and so, Yuki's potential return to the Bachelor fold would be much appreciated by many.

In a June 20 Instagram post, Harrison shared a picture of him standing beside some pretty familiar Bachelor in Paradise faces — with Yuki beaming from ear to ear in the center of all of the action. It hasn't been announced just what Yuki's role will be in the new season (if any), but seeing as she's in the mix with the BiP host, and resident bartenders Wells and Jorge, she just may be another figure helping to hold the show altogether.

But, seeing as Yuki has been pretty vocal about finding love, and her quest to marrying a man she meets on The Bachelor, specifically, it wouldn't also be farfetched to guess that the social butterfly is an actual contestant, either. After all, Yuki has more than earned a spot on the popular spinoff, as her sweet demeanor and adorable fashion sense has helped to not only win the hearts of her Winter Games castmates, but many tuning in from the comforts of their homes.

Also on June 20, the franchise creator Mike Fleiss shared the same photo posted to Harrison's page, but in a tweet, writing, "Life in Paradise" — once again hinting that the Japan native will be included in Season 5 in an important way.

And of course Fleiss' tweet recieved the greatest feedback ever, as fans of the franchise couldn't get enough of Yuki.

So, just in case anyone — fan of the show or those on the producing end — had any doubt as to whether Yuki would be a great addition to the BiP fold, they most certainly just got the confirmation needed.

Even upon leaving Winter Games, Yuki made it clear that the most heartbreaking part of her departure was leaving all of her friends in the house behind. And her castmates felt the same, with Ashley I., who is also said to be on BiP Season 5, attributing her sadness to the fact that she may never see Yuki again because of the distance between their homelands. If Harrison and Fleiss' Instagram posts serve as any consulation, however, fans could potentially be getting a dose of Yuki's amazing personality real soon.