These Will Be 2020's Biggest Beauty Trends, According To Yelp

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The new decade is nearly here, and with it comes end of the year round-ups. However, some are looking forward instead of back. Yelp's 2020 beauty trend predictions are giving beauty lovers a peek into what may be popular in the new decade, and the list features everything from laminating your brows to even more CBD. If you want to know what your fellow beauty lovers will be investigating in 2020, Yelp may have your answers.

In the past year, Yelp has seen over 28 million new reviews, so when it comes to sample population for trend predictions, the review site certainly has a well-rounded group. In order to create its top 10 list of trends, the brand relies on experts and data analysis that comes directly from these 28 million users, and 2020 is the first year that the site is putting all that data to use and creating such the list.

In order to create the predictions, Yelp brought in Data Science Expert Carl Bialik who helps to pull data from the site which is, in turn, analyzed by Yelp's trend team including Tara Lewis, an expert Yelper who helps to identify trends within the site's reviews. During analysis, the team sifted through particular words and phrases that showed the most growth between 2018 and 2019. After those terms were found, Yelp then further narrowed the field by examining the keywords' presence and growth rate over the previous three years in order to determine which ones will likely see even more hype moving into 2020.

The result is a mix of products, ingredients, and treatment trends you can expect to hear all about in the new decade. What's on the horizon for beauty lovers?

Lymphatic Massage

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According to Yelp's research, mentions of lymphatic drainage — from facials to massages — increased 36% over this year. If you're not familiar with these specific treatments, they are designed to target your lymphatic system which helps to carry drainage, called lymph, back into your blood stream and help relieve toxins from the body. Facials are said to reduce puffiness by moving the drainage out of the face with some gentle, circular, upward motions.

According to Heathline, however, the research and science behind this 2020 trend is somewhat shaky. While the site reports that lymphatic massage can help with medical conditions affecting the body, the aesthetic benefits are less clear with much being based on word of mouth and little scientific review or study to prove their efficacy.

More CBD

CBD isn't going anywhere in 2020 if Yelp's predictions are correct. The ingredient will continue to pop up in products. It may be hard to imagine CBD having a bigger year than 2019. Lord Jones became the first CBD-based brand to have an ingestible form of the ingredient sold in Sephora stores. Plus, it also teamed up with luxury shoe designer (and Meghan Markle favorite) Tamara Mellon to launch a stiletto cream meant to relieve pain from wearing, well, stilettos.

One thing Yelp asserts CBD users will see more of, though, are treatments like CBD facials. The ingredient is meant to target the endocannabinoid system which controls inflammation and pain. When it comes to facials, if you suffer from inflammation or conditions caused by it, this new trend may be an option for you come 2020.

Med Spas

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If you're not someone who gets or has gotten procedures such as botox or filler, you may not be familiar with med spas. The locations are a combination of a medical office and spa (hence, the name). Unlike a traditional day spa, these businesses are overseen by doctors, and as such are able to offer both traditional experiences like facials and massages, but can also administer injectables and perform laser treatments. According to Yelp, the quick and fast treatments that can be found at many med spas are the real draw in 2020.

Laser Hair Removal


Not every 2020 trend is a brand new phenomenon, and laser hair removal is certainly nothing new, even if it does seem to be growing in popularity. According to Yelp, the procedure is becoming more and more mainstream with locations and chains popping up throughout the country. In 2019, laser hair removal saw a review increase of 23%. While at-home laser hair removal is available, it seems that in-spa treatments are still going strong and will be well into 2020.

Dip Powder Nails

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Like laser hair removal, dip powder nails aren't new, but they getting even more popular. If you've never gotten a dip powder manicure, the polish procedure is meant to prolong the life of your nail art with manicures lasting between three to four weeks. According to Glamour, the process is considered to be a mix of a gel mani and an acrylic application, but it can allegedly be unsafe if your salon doesn't use a credited manufacturer. Plus, like acrylics, they aren't the healthiest type of manicure for your natural nail.

However, if you love the added time between visits to the salon, you're not alone according to Yelp. The site reports that mentions of the process have increased a whopping 67% in the last year.

Brow Lamination

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Move over microblading. Apparently, brow lamination is the next big thing in brows. According to Yelp, even more procedures to achieve your best brows will dominate 2020. The review site reports that brow lamination and ombre powder brows will be the biggest cosmetic procedures to happen to your face in 2020 with a 48% increase in mention on the site.

In case you haven't heard of the phenomenon yet, brow lamination is a markedly less invasive procedure than microblading that originally began in Europe. During the process, the brows are brushed and lifted into the desired shape, and a setting lotion is applied to help them stay set for up to six weeks. As for ombre powder brows, they are much more similar to microblading but utilize a smaller needle to deposit color that can last up to three years without the sometimes awkward fading of microblading.

Laser Facials

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Grab your sunscreen because laser facials are back for 2020. Yelp specifically points out two distinct versions of the procedure: the Fire & Ice and Clear & Brilliant facials. Both facials are said to help reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles meaning that 2020s lean into lasers will likely focus on anti-aging efforts. As for how such facials work, Allure spoke with dermatologist and Global Medical Director of Skin Laundry Dr. Adam Geyer who explains that the lasers used in the procedure are non-ablative and meant to resurface the skin and stimulate collagen which in turn can result in more youthful looking skin.

Stem Cells

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2020 isn't all about beauty procedures. There are ingredients — like CBD — that will also be major. Yelp reports that mentions of stem cells have seen a 47% increase since 2017 making them a potentially popular ingredient in the new decade.

According to Dermstore, the stem cells used in skin care are typically derived from plants but act in similar ways to human ones. The cells are able to divide and repair quickly and are home to amino acids and peptides that encourage cell turnover and collagen products. Thus, this ingredient can help aid in anti-aging efforts and help to moisturize the skin.

Organic Beauty

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In what likely won't be a surprise to beauty lovers, clean beauty is still rising to the top of the trend charts in 2020. Yelp cites the popularity and reviews of store locations of online clean beauty retailers like Follain and Credo as proof of the recurring 2019 trend.

Clean beauty, however, has been popular long before this year. In 2018, Sephora launched its Clean at Sephora label making finding products without questionable ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates easier for shoppers. Many brands have launched clean product ranges including megabrand Covergirl.

Spray Tans

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Finally, the aughts may be ending, but one of their biggest trends will be sticking around. According to Yelp, mentions of bronzing within reviews has escalated in 2019, leading the review site to believe that spray tanning is on its way back. While faux tan peaked in mentions back in 2014, the review site asserts that with bronzing being such a key word within customer reviews, spray tans could be the way bronzed skin makes a return.

Clearly, there's a lot to look forward to in the beauty space in 2020, and laminating your brows and using a laser on your face are just the beginning.

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