You Can Get Married At &Pizza On Pi Day For Free, Because Dreams Do Come True

Michelle Toglia

Have you ever owned one of those shirts which explains how you love pizza more than you'll ever love anyone else? Does pizza symbolize love for you? Or, on the flip side, do you just love a good math joke? Either way your dreams may come true this March 14. In honor of Pi day, D.C. based counter-culture pizza shop &pizza is offering complimentary weddings for the third year in a row.

While it was recently announced that Taco Bell would be holding weddings at its Las Vegas location by kicking off a contest for one couple to be married for free, &pizza's approach is quite different. The pizza shop will foot the bill for weddings held once a year and is also allowing reservations for your special day.

The idea started for the pizza shop-based wedding in 2015 when a math teacher bride and a pizza loving groom decided to get married under an &pizza ampersand. Since then, six couples have been married at &pizza. The complimentary wedding includes music, flowers, a photographer, an officiant and, of course, pizza. The shop promises a special wedding menu and &pizza's signature pies for the wedding's guests.

If you're curious about what it would look like, here's an &pizza wedding from 2016.

The service is available at Washington D.C's Chinatown location, as well as at specific Philadelphia and Baltimore locations. So if you live within a commutable distance of any of the three cities this could be for you.

Sign up here if you want to reserve a spot. This couple already has:

Not sure if getting married at a pizza place is the right decision for you and your fiancé? A limited amount of walk-in ceremonies will be available until the shop closes if you want to think on it.

This isn't out of character for &pizza, started in 2012 with experience as it's focal point. Every shop mirrors the culture of the neighborhood and the people who inhabit it. The workers are called "Tribe Members" to represent the community of the shop and all have ampersand tattoos. The ampersand stands as a connection of two things, and their Pi Day Wedding Chapel does just that. The location is made even more perfect since &pizza states their core values to be make it personal, keep it fresh, elevate everything, and oneness. Each of these being an important characteristic of a wedding day.

The only question left is: Can you still wear white on your wedding day if pizza is involved?