Zendaya’s Face Mask & Glasses Selfie Is So Freaking Relatable & Twitter Is All About It

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

All hail the queen of a radiant glow, whether it's from a beaming Aquaphor and highlighter combo or her flawless, bare skin. Yup, we're talking about Zendaya, the former Disney star who's beauty routine is goals AF. Recently posting a hilarious, but relatable face mask and glasses selfie, the CoverGirl ambassador gave a behind the scenes peek at what helps keeps her facade looking so

What makes Zendaya super likable isn't her incredible fashion sense, although she totally slays in everything she wears. It isn't her always impeccable makeup, although you can always count on her for the best beauty tips. It's not even her talents, although she's clearly a triple threat singer, dancer, and actress. No, it's the fact that girlfriend always keeps it real that makes it so easy to identify with her. She never shies away from removing her celebrity mask to give fans a glimpse of the in-the-raw, unfiltered, sans makeup Zendaya.

Speaking of masks, your neighborhood friendly Zendaya isn't afraid to keep it all the way real by posting a selfie wearing a sheet mask. That's right, Daya uses face masks just like us regular folks and she looks just as silly as anyone while wearing one.

Adding to her Instagram story, Zendaya gave a glimpse into what her skincare routine involves. The beauty queen's face was covered in a foiled gold sheet mask that looked super IG-worthy, and that wasn't even the best part.

During the boomerang clip, The Greatest Showman actress pushed up the stylish glasses that were slipping as she watched the boob tube and masked. It was a glorious moment that the visually impaired (myself included) could understand oh so well.

There's no struggle quite like the annoying task of wearing glasses and trying to undergo a face mask transformation. You either wear your bifocals and risk your rims becoming a sticky mess or you don't wear them and suffer the consequences of not being able to see a damn thing. Le struggle is real!

Zendaya obviously stands on the side of the fence of having a f-ck it moment and wearing your glasses anyway. After all, blindly catching up your shows is so not the move. The relaxed moment may not have made for the typical dolled up glamour puss the internet is used to seeing, but it was the Daya fans deserved to see.

It made the A-lister seem like a mere mortal, and that was something her fans loved.

Even if the glasses-mask combo looked silly, you couldn't help but notice how stunning she looked anyway.

It's just Zendaya, casually slaying as usual.

If you hope to achieve the fresh-faced glow Zendaya is known to have, perhaps you'd better take a page out of her beauty book and invest in a gold face mask yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your specs and some gold goop, and be sure to thank mama Daya while you're at it.