Benjamin Perry
Benjamin is in the process of becoming a minister, though still confused how he got there. To date his proudest accomplishment is going skydiving with his grandmother.

How 'The Shock Doctrine' Explains Trump

There’s a moment each day that I’ve come to intimately know and dread. I wake up, pick my head up off the pillow, and then I remember: Donald Trump is our president. It’s enough to make me want to put my head right back down again. Instead, I reach…
By Benjamin Perry

Obama’s Tears Showed Me What It Means to Be a Man

Last week, there was a moment that embodied for me an important (but often overlooked) part of our President's legacy. In the midst of delivering his farewell address, President Obama paused to thank his wife, Michelle, for her kind and courageous…
By Benjamin Perry

What Standing Rock Taught Me About Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving, instead of participating in the annual holiday ritual of gorging on food 'til I'm comatose, I traveled with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship to Standing Rock — where people are standing up against construction of the…
By Benjamin Perry

Geoengineering Is Like A Science Fair From Hell

You could say the parallels between the Noah's Ark story and our impending ecological crisis are striking. Our rising oceans, intense droughts afflicting São Paulo and California, global climate-related food instability, and groundwater poisoned by…
By Benjamin Perry

7 Ways Earth Day Is Actually Very Feminist

Unless you've been the victim of a Kimmy Schmidt-esque experience and haven't seen the news for a decade, you're probably aware that climate change is here — and it's terrifying. Between reports of disintegrating ice shelves, dwindling water…
By Benjamin Perry

Why I'm Sure God Wants Marijuana Legalized

It might sound like a joke, but I'm completely serious when I say I believe God wants us to legalize marijuana. Right now, I'm finishing my studies at Union Theological Seminary, and will hopefully soon be ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian…
By Benjamin Perry