Alicia Keys Just Launched The Dreamiest Skin Care-Makeup Hybrids

“These aren’t only good for your skin, but also allow you to play.”

Alicia Keys' Keys Soulcare line just launched the Make You collection of skin care-color hybrids.
Keys Soulcare

Alicia Keys launched her lifestyle beauty brand, Keys Soulcare, in 2020 not merely to add more skin care bottles to the shelves, but because she’s a self-professed “fanatic about ritual”: For the singer-slash-entrepreneur, caring for her complexion is the ultimate way to practice “me” time. Now, Keys is building on that idea with the launch of Keys Soulcare’s Make You line of skin care-makeup hybrids that are all about having fun with your routine.

Before you think, But wait, I thought Alicia Keys didn’t wear makeup, hear her out. “For me, this is a big, big deal because of my own personal journey with makeup,” Keys tells Bustle over Zoom, laughing. “By the time everything [in my career] started for me, I was 18 years old. From that point on, I had this impression of what beauty looked like, and, fast-forward all the way to 30-plus years old, I found myself freaking out if I wasn’t leaving the house with my lashes on.” Eventually, though, she rebelled. “I wore much less makeup than I ever wore,” she says, “really as a challenge to myself to say, ‘Can you meet yourself where you are?’”

After ditching makeup in 2016 until this year, Keys had her a-ha moment: She realized she was in charge of setting her own beauty standards, inspiring her to create her own line. But to ensure it reflected her brand philosophy, the Make You collection — which includes a clear brow gel, tinted lip balms, a complexion brush, and sheer cheek tint — is meant to enhance your natural glow. “These aren’t only good for your skin, but also allow you to play — it’s your personal expression,” Keys tells Bustle over Zoom.

Keys calls Make You a “cousin” to Keys Soulcare’s skin care products. “You start with the prep of your skin and get it as healthy as it can be so you feel confident and good just as you are,” she tells Bustle. “Then you get to add the cousin — washes of color you pick from based on where you’re going or how you’re feeling. Do you need a little pick me up?” You’ll notice the cheek tints, for instance, have shade names like Powerful and Awakened, which Keys says you can choose based on the mood you want to have. “[Make You] is still about this inner light and the ability to cultivate the vibe and the energy you want to bring to yourself, especially when you don’t have it.”

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