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The Super Sexy Spot Where Anitta Loves To Spritz Her Fragrance

The singer shares her must-have beauty products.

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Anitta chats with Bustle about Brazilian beauty, her new fragrance collaboration with Sol de Janeiro...
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Beauty Detail
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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can't live without. Here, Anitta tells Bustle about her new fragrance collaboration with Sol de Janeiro, the reason why she’s so candid about plastic surgery, and all of her favorite beauty buys.

Your favorite scent can trigger a cascade of positive emotions, give you that little boost of confidence, or make a lasting impression on anyone who comes close enough to catch a whiff. And given that impact, it’s fun to be strategic about where you spritz it on, methodically placing fragrance on specific areas like the collarbone or that hidden spot behind the ear. Ask Brazilian pop star Anitta where she prefers hers, and she’ll tell you without hesitation that she likes to go all out.

“I [spray fragrance] everywhere. Everywhere — even down there. I don’t care. I put it in my panties,” Anitta tells me over Zoom. “I like smelling good everywhere.”

It’s this love of smelling good that sparked her recent collaboration with Sol de Janeiro. The Perfume Mist, which launched Tuesday, Aug. 10, is all about good vibes. With notes of passion fruit, patchouli, and vanilla, it’s a sweet smell that’s like a bottled version of a warm embrace. I tell Anitta that while I’ve never been to Brazil, I imagine that this fragrance captures what I could expect once I do head south: warmth, energy, and fun. She co-signs immediately.

“We are very warm, energetic, and magnetic people,” she says. “I want to spread the Brazilian message to everyone. The message — to me — is this energy [of] self-love. Be healthy. Be happy.”

Anitta explains that in Brazil, beauty is defined by how you feel, not how you look. “I understand a lot of people say I’m [wrong] and [Brazilians] are talking about the physical beauty. But we really believe that the way you feel inside is the way people are going to see you physically,” she says.

This may seem at odds with her decision to undergo a rhinoplasty, breast reductions, and other cosmetic procedures — but the “Girl From Rio” singer has been refreshingly open about her looks. (“I’m a bad liar,” she says. “I can’t pretend I got nothing done. Plus, everyone can tell.”) She believes that speaking her truth and being honest — rather than projecting a false image of perfection — aligns with Brazilians’ idea of loving one’s self.

“We don’t care much about what people are going to say. We just want to feel the happiness inside us and not pretend that we are cool,” she says. “[That’s] the definition of beauty: When you are happy and are spreading that energy, people are going to see that you’re beautiful.”

Anitta’s beauty routine is just as carefree. She admittedly doesn’t have much of a skin care or makeup regimen, using whatever she first sees at a drugstore or whatever her friends might pass along to her. Below, see all the products she’s currently loving.

Her New Collab

“This fragrance is [as] energetic, fresh, and warm as Brazil. [Sol de Janeiro] put a bunch of samples together and I picked the one I liked most: passion fruit. [My mom and aunt] were there helping me choose.”

Her Acne-Fighting Face Wash

“When I wake up and [before] I go to sleep, [washing my face] is a priority. When I’m not working, I wash my face more than two times just to get rid of oil with [an anti-acne cleanser]. I can’t do too much product on my face because it gets very oily, and I’ll get pimples.”

Her Favorite Lip Gloss

“To finish [my beauty look], Fenty gloss is the best. I apply one to two layers, and I feel and look fresh.”

Her Instant Glow Booster

“When thinking of my everyday look, I like to [go] natural. Soft bronzer [on the] skin and light on lips and eyes. Sunstalk’r is my go-to; it’s matte and gives me that instant warmth. I like to apply it to the high points of my face: cheeks, forehead, and down the bridge of my nose.”

Her Go-To Cleanser

“I cannot live without a cleansing gel. My skin is very oily and [I have] acne. So I don't do anything [except] wash my face as much as I can.”

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