35 Annoying Fashion Problems You Didn’t Realize Are So Easy To Fix

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Have a closet full of clothes, shoes, and jewelry you seemingly never wear? Whether your shoes are just plain uncomfortable or you need a trip to the tailor (or maybe a few) to fix dragging hemlines, gaping waistbands, or dangling shoulder straps, you’re definitely not alone. Or how about the wardrobe staples you’ve worn to pieces but just can’t bring yourself to trash? If you’re internally agreeing with any of these conundrums, this article was pretty much written for you.

Annoying fashion problems might feel like the bane of your existence some days, but there are actually so many easy fixes out there that don’t require much money. Better yet: You don’t need to wait in long lines at consignment stores or list anything on Depop to clear out unworn pieces — or worse, throw away perfectly good clothing. Why? Because these amazing style hacks will revive each and every one of them to perfection — and they’re all available on Amazon for under $30.

With these 35 clever things, you can make alterations without any sewing, pilled sweaters will easily look new again, and painful shoes are about to become a thing of the past. Here, the best products to solve every kind of wardrobe malfunction from head to toe.


Remove Fuzz On The Go With A Retractable Lint Roller

Designed for ultimate portability and with small spaces in mind, twist this retractable lint roller open and get ready to remove all traces of hair, dirt, and dust in a flash. Each roll comes with 30 sheets of recycled paper and it’s even refillable, too. “The lint roller works very well and I no longer worry about having dog hairs all over my dark shirts,” one shopper wrote, adding they “keep one in my desk at work, one in my car, and one at home.” At just $9 each, it’s a great idea to consider.

  • Available colors: 7


Eliminate Chafing Under Skirts With These Pretty, Patented Thigh Bands

Do you avidly wear bike shorts under skirts for anti-chafing protection but want a lighter and sexier option? Introducing Bandelettes thigh bands as an alternative. Cut from a soft blend of nylon and spandex, the floral lace bands have two rows of non-slip silicone inside so they'll stay in place. “Way sexier than my usual biker shorts. Love that I can wear dresses all day now without worrying about my thunders overheating,” one shopper revealed, adding, “not a chub-rub in sight.”

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X
  • Available colors: 17


Prevent Jewelry From Tarnishing With These Disposable Cleaning Wipes

Have a jewelry box full of baubles that have lost their sparkle? Start wearing your beloved gold and silver pieces again with pride by using these travel-friendly disposable wipes. One quick polish makes precious metals look shiny, lustrous and beautiful once again. One shopper confirmed the efficacy: “It cleans with little effort; only a light rubbing [is] necessary. Even when the sheet was nearly black with gunk from my gold and silver jewelry, it still out-performed everything I have tried to this point and made even the crevices in the jewelry shine like new!” Plus, it protects against further tarnishing to keep them gleaming.


Convert Your Bra Into A Racerback — Instantly — With These Handy Clips

Tired of bra straps showing under your favorite racerback tank? Well, here's the ultimate bra hack you can use to eliminate them in moments while keeping the support of your everyday bra. This bra clip comes in range of colors and shapes to match your go-to bras, and they slip over each strap to cinch them in for a criss-cross effect. “I really like wearing athletic tank tops...I used to always wear sport bras with them and now I can just wear whatever bra I want even if the straps don’t cross," one shopper explained.

  • Available colors: 16


Add Cushioning Inside Your Shoes For All-Day Comfort

If you struggle with troubled feet, such as blisters, bunions, or constant pain, then these adhesive shoe pads might be worth a try. Made with a nonslip and water-resistant suede-like fabric, the 14-piece pack has various sizes and shapes depending on which part of your foot needs special attention. Washable and reusable, they'll prevent friction and won't slip and slide around on you. “I placed the heel pads and cushions inside all my painful shoes and it changed my life,” one reviewer raved. Another added, “they're quite sticky and adhere great.”

  • Available colors: 2


Alter Your Clothes Without Sewing Using This Durable Fabric Tape

Washable and easy to use, this double-sided fabric tape is your answer to off-the-rack fits and last-minute clothing mishaps. Whether you have a hem that's too long or a neckline just a tad too plunging, just measure out the length you need, apply the tape, fold it over — and presto! You're good to go without a trip to tailor. The best part? You don't have to be an expert sewer to handle this stuff. “Once the tape was in place, the backing came off easily. Turned out to be one of the simplest things I've ever done! I'm especially happy to have a hemming tape that doesn't require ironing to stick,” one customer remarked.


Remove Pesky Sweater Pills & Fuzz Balls With This Rechargeable Gadget

Boasting a 4.6-star average with more 40,000 ratings from Amazon shoppers, this rechargeable sweater shaver is the real deal. If you have a closet full of worn cardigans, wool coats, and knit leggings, then all you have to do is charge this baby up for two hours and it'll be operational for at least 60 minutes. Scroll through the reviews and you'll see highly satisfied shoppers, with praise for its abilities like "this thing saved me from trashing a few of my favorite sweaters, hoodies and joggers," with one fan even swearing that it was the "best fabric shaver I have ever used."


Add Clinically-Proven Insoles To Your High Heels For All-Day Relief

Need to make your high heels comfortable — STAT? Thankfully, Dr. Scholl's insoles are here to rescue you and your aching feet. Designed for women’s shoe sizes 6 through 10, these clear gel inserts were crafted specifically to shift pressure off the ball of foot thanks to their gel arch and targeted cushioning. One customer affirmed that “they provide perfect arch support (assuming they are placed correctly) and extra cushion the average shoe lacks." At just $10, it’s worth adding at least one set to the pair you wear most often.


Erase Rogue Deodorant Marks With These Handy Sponges

There's nothing more annoying than discovering stray deodorant marks after wrestling yourself into a top, right? Right — that's why these reusable clothing sponges exist. Despite what some people say, dryer sheets don't always cut it for hard-to-remove stains — but these will get the job done in no time. “I have a shirt that I have owned for years that I recently couldn't wear without a cardigan or zip-up as the deodorant build up was super noticeable,” one shopper confessed. “No amount of washing the shirt was helping. This sponge removed most of the stain in about 30 sec!”


Prevent Sweat Marks Virtually Anywhere With This Moisture-Wicking Lotion

Whether you contend with sweat stains, chafing, or just unwanted clamminess on humid days, perspiration is just a part of being human. Carpe’s sweat-absorbing lotion minimizes or dare I say totally eliminates it from the equation. This particular version is a fan favorite, and since it’s made to be used on delicate skin you can even dab it onto your palms or behind your knees. The sweat-shielding formula dries quickly and goes on clear, leaving no stains or discoloration on clothes and leaving a fresh lily scent. “I tried Carpe on a particularly hot and humid weekend for one such outdoor event and I had NO sweat - not even a little! My bra didn’t stretch out or stick when changing after using this...and I’m thoroughly impressed,” one shopper revealed.


Bra Straps, Be Gone! Pin These Clips Inside Your Shoulders To Hide Them — For Good

Tired of your bra straps slipping and sliding off your shoulder throughout the day, or struggling to keep them positioned under a delicate tank top? Noel & Co. strap tamers are a brilliant solution. Just pin them inside the shoulder or strap of your garment, then slip your bra straps into the small plastic clips when you get dressed. Crafted with rust-proof stainless steel, they can even be left inside your garment for dry cleaning or washing. “I have narrow shoulders and wearing boatneck tops is always a challenge. I used the clips today and never once had to adjust my top or have exposed bra straps,” one fan wrote.


Polish Dull Gemstones To A Megawatt Shine With This Specialty Diamond Cleaning Stick

This $8 jewelry cleaner stick is the secret to gorgeous, glistening gemstones — even if they’re decades old. How is it possible, you might wonder? Inside this pen, the high-performance formula uses cleansing and polishing agents with a polymer base, to remove the appearance of scratches and make your jewelry sparkle. The soft-bristled brush works wonders in minutes without scratching stones for results you can see. “This little wonder-pen miracle device literally annihilated the gunk and dirt from every single nook and cranny of the band, and eradicated the layer of unreachable dust and dirt,” one customer raved after testing it on their heavily-worn engagement ring. “I’m not even sure they were that sparkly when my fiancée gave it to me,” they joked, calling it “possibly my crowning achievement of Amazon purchases.”


Nix Static Cling With A Humble Dryer Sheet — And These Are Dermatologist-Approved

When a product has 4.8 stars after more than 18,000 ratings on Amazon, you take note — even if it’s just Bounce dryer sheets. (You get a whopping 240 of them for $10, though, if that isn’t reason enough.) Toss two hypoallergenic sheets into each load and expect minimal wrinkles, no static, and not a single pet hair in sight. Another huge bonus? There are no harsh dyes or fragrances involved. “Do you like your laundry soft? Do you dislike static cling? Do you abhor scent with the burning white-hot passion of a thousand stars? Then this is for you,” one shopper wrote.


Add Arch Support To Any Shoe With These Adhesive Inserts

Struggle with flat feet or fall in love with a pair of unsupportive shoes? Dr. Foot's arch support inserts are just what you need, then. Assembled from a durable yet soft polyurethane gel, the unique design cushions and relieves pressure from your feet — they’ll even help with plantar fasciitis, over-pronation, or super-high arches. “I recently ordered another product, $70.00 insoles to help with my high arch and arthritis. However, these little arch supports work better, less expensive and help with not only my arthritis but my injured knee as well,” one shopper revealed. Stick these in every pair, from your running shoes to your work pumps and weekend boots.

  • Available colors: 5


Say Goodbye To Booty Gaps With This Hip-Hugging Elastic Belt

If you’re always trying to bridge the gap at the back of your waistband but don’t have the budget to get all your pants tailored, this little hack will work with all your jeans and shorts. The Hollywood Fashion Secrets Hip Hugger is a discreet elastic band that clips onto your belt loops and snugs up the fit to eliminate peekaboo moments without looking like you’re wearing a belt. One shopper didn’t hold back about their fondness: “Seriously, buy several. Keep one in your desk at work, another in your pocketbook, and a few in your drawer at home for those times you ‘forget,’” they gushed.

  • Available colors: 2


Dab This Travel-Friendly Balm Anywhere To Prevent Chafing

For a targeting chafing solution you can apply anywhere that’s easy to take on the go, reach for Body Glide balm on the sweatiest of days. Just apply it on you inner thighs, neck, bum, or chest — wherever you’re feeling the burn. Get ready to kick all your other anti-chafing methods to the curb, because this stuff actually works according to thousands of glowing reviews. (And it just so-happens to be vegan, too.) “In the past I've tried baby powder and deodorant for chafing, but they have never lasted more than a few hours. This body glide stuff actually lasted and I literally felt NO tenderness in my inner thighs by the end of the day,” one shopper confirmed.

  • Available sizes: 3


Mop Up Foot Sweat Using These Cotton Terry Insoles

Constructed from nubby, towel-like cotton terry with padded latex for ultimate comfort, these sweat-absorbing shoe insoles will be life-changing for perspiring feet. Not only can you go sockless with sneakers and stay dry virtually all day, but they’re also machine-washable to keep the freshness alive for the long haul. “I bought the 3 pack and I have truly been liberated from the chains of stinky shoes. I don't even know how these work so well, I can feel my feet sweating just as much as before but at the end of the day my shoes smell powder fresh,” one shopper gushed.

  • Available sizes: 2


Tame Wayward Bra Straps With This Adjustable Elastic Band

RAZOR’s bra band is a more versatile version of their best-selling bra clips thanks to the stretch elastic and adjustable length. They’ll hide bra straps under racerback tanks, but are also great if you have narrow shoulders. They’re even ideal for people who are always changing their looks on a dime. Since there are three in one set, you can keep one of these little doo-dads at your desk, purse, or glove department for any last-minute outfit changes that have a racerback design. “Unlike the round clips that pull straps tightly to the center of your back, these straps lie flat and they have just enough give to allow the bra to still fit right and feel comfortable,” one shopper pointed out.

  • Available colors: 9


Clean Jewelry Without Scrubbing Using This Rinse-Off Formula

You might not have time to professionally clean your engagement ring, but this high-powered jewelry cleaning solution is the next-best thing. Take the heirloom that needs some TLC and dip it into the built-in tray for 30 seconds for a bath in the cleaning fluid. Rinse thoroughly with warm water for jewelry that’s glossy and scratch-free. Worried about using this on your expensive pieces? One reviewer was quick to calm any nerves: “It does not harm or deteriorate the diamonds or white gold. I have used this on platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and silver and it has worked perfectly,” they assured. “Every time I use this cleaner, my ring feels brand new.”


Add These Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls To Save Energy And Reduce Wrinkles

If your clothes take forever to dry or you want an alternative to dryer sheets, these eco-friendly dryer balls are something to consider. The spiky shape naturally fluffs and separates laundry, allowing hot air to flow more efficiently while reducing wrinkles. They’re hypoallergenic for sensitive types and a vegan alternative to wool dryer balls, as well. “I'm allergic to the chemicals in all of the fabric softeners on the market, plus the smells make me gag. I tried these and they do the trick,” one shopper revealed, adding there’s “no scent of any kind, and your clothes come out soft — plus, you're not buying them over and over.”


Remove Marks From White Sneakers With This Stylist-Approved Hack

If you scroll through the reviews, you’ll see that customers use these Mr. Clean MagicEraser sheets to clean their homes — but it’s also a fashion stylist trick for removing dirt and tough stains from your favorite sneakers, too. For just $7, you’ll receive eight sheets that’ll restore your shoes from drab to fab. “I use them on my running shoes and they work great,” one shopper wrote in the Q & A.


Secure Daring Necklines With This Cult-Favorite Fashion Tape

Call this the OG! This fashion tape is used for outfit emergencies by the top stylists in the business because it works. Whether your going-out top has a low neckline to keep in place or your best friend’s cut-out dress is gaping a little, apply this double-sided tape and enjoy your evening with zero stress. The tin is easy to stash in your clutch for emergency fixes, although chances are good you won’t need to: “The tape is exceptionally sticky, and I was able to use just three pieces on each side to completely secure the front of my plunging dress,” one shopper raved.


Prevent Yellow Underarm Stains With Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Since aluminum in deodorants discolors clothes, consider switching if you’re tired of battling yellow marks. Over 45,000 shoppers have given Native deodorant five stars, which means they’ve got to be onto something. Fans rave that this product actually works and is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, or talc. Main ingredients include coconut oil, shea butter, probiotics, and tapioca, all in a variety of sublte scents you’re sure to enjoy like this cucumber mint. One customer bought this product for their son and wrote, “This product is a godsend. It's like teeny tiny fairies are helping his armpits stay fresh and smell good.” As for dryness? Another fan confirmed, “it is the BEST natural deodorant I have ever used and I’m a SWEATER.”

  • Available colors: 6


Camouflage Sheer Tops With A Skin-Toned Camisole

These Amazon Essentials camisoles are pretty darn close to perfect with more than 18,000 fans attesting that their $19 price point is one hell of a bargain. They are extremely slim-fitting in a breathable cotton blend, so you can layer them under sheer tops without feeling suffocated. One shopper added more reasons to love them: “Best camis ever. Good quality fabric cut on the grain so they don't twist on you. Thick enough so they won't snag easily, and adjustable straps.” Go for an array of neutral hues (shown here) or one of the 26 additional color combos.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 27


Remove Wrinkles In Seconds — Without An Iron Or Steamer

Suitable for traveling and quick touch-ups on the go, this Downy wrinkle removal spray is one of those lifesaver products when you don’t have the time (or the tools) to iron and steam. Not only that, it reduces static cling and leaves a light fresh scent. Your purchase comes with two full-sized bottles and one TSA-friendly bottle, which is great to keep at your work desk or handbag to de-wrinkle before an event or meeting. “I took the small one with me in my purse to my niece's wedding. It worked for those wrinkles you get from sitting in the car with your seatbelt on for an hour car ride,” one shopper reported.


Wear Stilettos In Grass Or Gravel With These Stabilizing Heel Protectors

If you have an outdoor event coming up, these clear heel stoppers by GoGoHeel will save the day. They prevent you from sinking into grass, getting stuck between cobblestones, or nailing sidewalk thanks to their increased surface area at the base. They come in four different sizes, depending on your heel’s thickness, and won’t damage fabric or leather. “These little flowers were the talk of the wedding amongst all the other struggling stiletto wearing ladies lol. A MUST BUY,” one shopper confirmed.

  • Available sizes: 4


Keep Stockings And Straps In Place With This Roll-On Body Adhesive

Have you heard of body glue? Yes, it’s a thing — and it’s pretty amazing. JOMI COMPRESSION’s roll-on body adhesive is super-convenient for holding up stockings, keeping shoulder straps in place, or pasting cut-outs to lay flat. Just roll a small amount onto your skin and press the fabric on top. At the end of the night, it removes easily without an ounce of pain or residue. “This glue was bomb! I have rather large thighs and I used this product with knit thigh high socks,” one shopper wrote. “We hosted a lingerie party last night and the glue held up through all the setting up, drinking, partying AND sleeping,” they praised.


Travel Wrinkle-Free With A Folding Steamer

What’s unique about this BEAUTURAL mini garment steamer? Not only is it minimalistic and stylish for a household appliance but it’s powerful, heating up in 30 seconds to provide a steady steam from any angle. It’s designed to not leak water, too, which was a huge selling point for avid users. “It doesn’t spew out water like other steamers do. You can turn it around unlike other steamers and place it inside clothes without it burning you or doing something weird. It gets wrinkles out quickly,” one shopper commented.

  • Available colors: 2


Organize Your Handbag Once And For All With This Brilliant Insert

Designed with 12 pockets total, this purse organizer insert will keep your handbag tidy with next to no effort on your part. Instead of your keys, makeup, and essentials just being jumbled in at the bottom, they’re all neatly stowed aside. There’s even a separate zippered insert to keep your cash and cards safe yet readily available. Just consult the measurements to pick out the right size for your purse.

  • Available sizes: Medium — X-Large
  • Available colors: 16


Keep Keys Handy In Your Bag With This Leather Strap

You’ll never lose your keys in the depths of a bag again with this 100% leather strap. Clip your keys onto one end of the lobster clasp and attach the other to your bag’s handle or zipper so you never have to dig for them when you get home. This reliable accessory is offered in eight colorways that’ll match just about everything. “I love this little thing... I use it to strap my wallet to my jacket pocket or to my bag. Makes it easier to find in a big bag and I know I wont lose my small wallet if it falls out of my pocket,” one shopper wrote.

  • Available colors: 8


Stretch Tight Shoes With A Spritz Of This Shoe-Softening Spray

Some shoes can feel impossible to break in, but what if you didn’t have to suffer to achieve the fit of your dreams? FootMatters’ shoe stretch spray makes this a reality for only $9. It’s a softening conditioner that works its magic on hot spots but won’t cause discoloration on leather, suede, canvas, synthetic fabrics, linens, nubuck or patent leather. “This product makes stretching my tight shoes a breeze. I wish I had known about this product before now. I've suffered through hundreds of blisters through the years just to make a tight pair of heels fit me,” one shopper raved.


Pet Hair On Everything In Sight? Roll It Away With Scotch-Brite

As much as you might love your furry friends, they shed all over everything they touch (or go near, for that matter). Use this Scotch-Brite lint roller to mop up pet hair on clothing, car seats, duvet covers — you name it. It’s 50% stickier than your average adhesive lint roller to get every last hair, and the handle was ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. "Recommend to anybody that wants to get rid of the dog hair or lint or anything," one shopper wrote.


Add Traction To Shoes With These Grippy Adhesive Pads

Got a new pair of shoes with smooth, unscuffed bottoms? Place these grippy adhesive pads on slippery outsoles to prevent falling. They’ll even add grip on broken-in shoes that need extra traction outdoors. One shopper proves our point: “I wore these on my new sandals for a wedding. It rained cats, dogs and elephants on the thick uncut grass. But my shoes didn’t even slide as I walked up and down the uneven slopes and steep hills of the backyard!” There are multiple sets that include lack, white, neutral, and red options to match any and every shoe sole.

  • Available colors: 9


Prevent Hair Tie Marks On Your Wrist With This Chic Bangle

Asides from being a chic hair elastic holder (see how you can wrap it around in the bracelet's grooves instead of your wrist), this cuff looks expensive and elegant on its own. They’re cast from tarnish- and rust-resistant stainless steel that’s electroplated with rose gold, yellow gold, and silver tones. One shopper confirmed: “Bracelet itself is very shiny/polished. Didn't have any imperfections or dings as far as I could see. My mom thought I had spent a lot of money on it, so that's a plus in my book.”

  • Available colors: 7


Prevent Creased Shoes With These Comfortable Inserts

Have you ever avoided wearing a coveted pair of shoes for fear you'll make them look worn before their time? If this is you, then these Doni shoe protectors are a must-have, to put it lightly. They fit seamlessly inside the toe box of shoes with a perforated design for breathability and can even be cut along the edges to fit in your shoes to a tee. “These work amazing! I put them in my Nike Air Force 1s and they have not creased at all. I have worn them 8-10 times for extended periods of time and they work great,” one fan praised.

  • Available colors: 2