12 Beauty Buys That Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

From Jo Malone to John Lewis.

12 Beauty Buys That Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023

As you may well know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The time of year when health campaigners and the beauty industry join forces to create limited-edition buys to help the battle against breast cancer, helping raise awareness and funds for hardworking cancer charities. It’s a campaign which since its inception 37 years ago has seen limited edition beauty buys raise hundreds of millions of pounds for a cause which, according to Cancer Research UK, impacts almost 56,000 UK women diagnosed with the disease every year.

With the charity reporting that 23% of UK breast cancer cases are preventable and that one in 10 breast cancer cases receive a late diagnosis; its clear that spreading messages about potential signs, symptoms, and self examination, are just as important as supporting research and care for patients and survivors, which is where this year’s charitable partnerships come into their own.

As beauty brands release everything from limited-edition skincare to beauty sponges to court conscious consumers throughout October. It means there are even more ways to think of others whilst treating yourself this Breast Cancer Awareness month. The perfect beauty shopping scenario, right? Sort of. Because whilst the volume of blush products bearing pledges may leave you spoilt for choice, the generosity of some brands outweighs others warn campaigners who coined the term ‘pinkwashing’ to describe brands chasing cash and clout through ambiguous donation claims. Which is why I’ve sifted through limited edition launches to share the best Breast Cancer Awareness Month beauty buys, those delivering covetability and charitable donations – at least 20% of purchase price – to the tireless work of charities such as CoppaFeel!, Make 2nds Count, and Breast Cancer Research UK.