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Bella Hadid’s Take On Mermaidcore Was So Chic

High-fashion cosplay.

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The supermodel-to-business-mogul pipeline is real. These days, when models aren’t sauntering down runways or fronting magazines, they’re launching their own side hustles. Kendall Jenner is in the tequila business (818), Hailey Bieber is dominating skin care (Rhode), and Gigi Hadid has a cashmere brand (Guest in Residence). The latest to launch a business is Bella Hadid, with her new venture Orebella.

Though Hadid hasn’t yet released the brand’s product offerings, she did share a photo dump of BTS pics from a soon-to-be-released campaign. To no one’s surprise, Hadid utterly slayed — even while wearing nothing but seashells as a top.

Bella Hadid’s Mermaidcore Look

While mermaidcore has been a trend for a hot minute, buoyed by TikTok fame, Hadid’s take on the siren aesthetic was more costume than outfit. She took the humble seashell and turned it into a bra of sorts, attaching a handful to each of her breasts.

In lieu of a traditional top, she wrapped her body in utterly translucent fabric with an iridescent sheen, recalling the luminosity of the mythical creature’s tail. She leaned further into the oceanic theme with a smattering of pearl necklaces looped and layered at her neck.

The seashell bra is fast becoming a campaign favorite. In fact, fellow model-slash-entrepreneur Hailey Bieber wore a bikini top made out of seashells for Rhode last January.

More Behind-The-Scenes Looks

Elsewhere in her campaign carousel Hadid wore a red crisscross halter top paired with a low-rise skirt knotted in front. The look was reminiscent of Cher’s iconic silhouettes from the 1970s. Underneath, she wore an ivory mesh catsuit embroidered with 3D appliqués.

Hadid wore another sheer dress for her third and final look. The ruched number featured an asymmetrical neckline and a one-sleeve detail. Underneath the see-through fabric were strategically placed flowers that looked like dried pressed blooms.

Fans have been speculating that Orebella is actually a perfume label. If they’re correct, each look likely represents a new scent: floral, beachy, and sultry, with a little bit of spice. Take my money already, Orebella.