The 12 Best November 2022 Beauty Launches, According To Our Editors

Including *the* must-have moisturizer for oily skin.

The best November 2022 beauty launches, according to our editors.
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Somehow Thanksgiving has already come and gone, and we’re in the throes of gift-giving season. As you fill your carts with presents for everyone on your list, though, don’t forget to shop for yourself. Just as it’s important to treat yourself to that $6 oat milk latte whenever the mood strikes, so too should you buy yourself those things you’ve been eyeing in the midst of finding another golf-themed present for your dad. If you’ve got beauty goodies on your wish list, know that the shelves are totally stacked with new and noteworthy items — including a rich body balm, a mind-blowing functional fragrance, better-than-ever moisturizers, and lip glosses that be poppin’.

Despite being a short month, November 2022’s best beauty launches have proven to be innovative skin care, makeup, fragrance, and hair care formulas that may just become cult favorites of the industry. And Bustle’s beauty team has slathered and spritzed them all — keep scrolling to shop the must-have newness for your makeup bag and beauty cabinet (or the special loved ones on your list), including everything from an uber-precise eyeliner pencil to an exfoliating toner that delivers a brighter glow.


The Intoxicatingly Sweet Perfume

“Spiced patchouli, warm vanilla, and a decadent crème brulée note are bottled in KAYALI's latest limited edition drop — and especially as the days have been getting colder, I've been loving just how bold, exotic, and sugary sweet the perfume smells on my skin.” — Olivia Rose Ferreiro, beauty writer


The Uber-Flattering Lip Tint

“Kylie's latest drop has gone completely TikTok viral for a reason: It's really, really good. Like a Y2K mood ring for your lips, this color-changing lip tint is an impossibly bright emerald shade in the bottle, and magically changes to a glossy flushed pink hue upon application that somehow looks different on everyone's lips.” — Olivia Rose Ferreiro, beauty writer


The Luxe Body Balm

“I've officially swapped out my lighter-weight body lotions for thicker, more hydrating creams and balms. This particular formula is a standout because it contains a plant-based retinol alternative, moisturizing shea butter, and a rich blend of oils.” — Erin Stovall, senior beauty editor


The Must-Have Overnight Mask

“When I found out the celebrity-beloved skin care brand was launching a hydrating facial mask, I was hyped. Worn as a quick 10-minute treatment or an overnight mask, it didn't disappoint and will definitely be a product I reach for all winter long.” — Erin Stovall, senior beauty editor


The Hair Essential

“Made with aloe vera, vitamins A, C, and E, jojoba oil, and plant-based collagen, this shampoo — along with its matching conditioner — leaves my hair feeling super soft and blowout-level shiny.” — Audrey Noble, beauty writer


The Warm & Fresh Fragrance

“I get compliments every time I wear this — and for good reason. This updated version of the original that debuted in 1911 mixes notes of bitter orange, tuberose, vetiver, and white musk to give you a fresh green scent with warm undertones that still feels full and so cozy.” — Audrey Noble, beauty writer


The Lip-To-Cheek

“It's really cool to see this lip and cheek tint in action. One swipe across your cheek or lips and you'll see it change color to your perfect shade of pink. It's also made with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, grapeseed oil, and antioxidants to keep skin hydrated and protect it from environmental aggressors.” — Audrey Noble, beauty writer


The Silky-Soft Moisturizer

“Even though my skin needs more moisture this time of year, I don’t like to use face creams that feel heavy. This one is lightweight and feels almost like a serum, but still manages to infuse my complexion with just enough hydration — thanks to polyglutamic acid and camellia seed oil — to get me through a blustery day.” — Rachel Lapidos, senior beauty & lifestyle editor


The Ultimate Eyeliner

“If precision is what you’re looking for in an eyeliner, look no further than this one. The London-based cosmetics brand CODE8 has recently become available stateside, which is great — because this eye pencil has upgraded my eye makeup game. It’s also double-sided, so you get an eyeliner and smudge brush in one pencil.” — Rachel Lapidos, senior beauty & lifestyle editor


The Functional Fragrance

“I’m all about a yummy perfume, but there’s something so magical about functional fragrance. The Nue Co. nailed its latest launch, which aims to bottle the mood-boosting effects of water therapy — aka the feeling of being in or around water. With its ocean-inspired blend of salt, seaweed, rose, and cardamom, one whiff makes me feel less frazzled.” — Rachel Lapidos, senior beauty & lifestyle editor


The MVP Oil-Free Moisturizer

“Shani herself told me that the key to keeping my oily T-zone in check was to switch to an oil-free moisturizer. I've been using her version since, and have seen a noticeable difference in how my skin looks — it’s hydrated, but no longer greasy and congested. I even gave it to my cousin who was dealing with a forehead breakout, and she loved it so much she immediately bought another one for herself!” — Faith Xue, beauty director, BDG


The Acid Toner

“I've been using this malic and lactic acid-infused toner day and night and love how it soothes and gently exfoliates my skin without feeling harsh. It's gentle enough to pair with my retinol without fear of peeling, and the packaging just makes me happy.” — Faith Xue, beauty director, BDG