Billie Eilish Debuts Even *Darker* Hair

“did you miss me?”

Billie Eilish has jet black hair that she styled in Y2K-approved space buns with shaggy bangs.
Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Few artists change their hair color more often than Billie Eilish. It seems like just yesterday the “Bad Guy” singer was showing off a creamy platinum shag. Now the singer is sporting a darker hue, even darker than the chocolate brown shade she teased on Instagram. Eilish’s not-so-new color is a jet black shade reminiscent of the hue she was loyal to a few years ago (minus the green roots).

The 20-year-old took to Instagram to announce her latest hair transformation. “She’s back,” she commented on the post, while adding a black square to the caption. The picture includes a close-up of Eilish on what looks like an a plane, wearing a comfy black hoodie and a black mask. Her new face-framing black tresses fall around her face and make her piercing light eyes stand out.

The transformation comes at a super exciting time for the singer: Eilish is just about to kick off Happier Than Ever, The World Tour in New Orleans. Naturally, her fans showing her lots of love in the comments. One of the top comments reads back to 2019 🥲” so it’s safe to say that they’re clearly not missing her lighter locks from 2021.

Lissa Renn, hair stylist and owner of The Hive in LA, counts Eilish as one of her long time clients. Renn is responsible for the blonde tones Eilish debuted last spring, so she’s most likely behind this new look as well.

Besides the post on her main feed, a snapshot was also loaded to her Instagram stories. Pairing high space buns with shaggy bangs, it’s a sure sign that Eilish’s tour lewks are about to be amazing with lots of “Old Billie” sprinkled in for her day one fans.

Before Eilish’s tour ends in September, she’ll headline Coachella 2022 alongside Harry Styles and Kanye West. The chances of the singer changing up her hair before the iconic festival are pretty high. Until then, appreciate the return of black-haired Billie.