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Twitter Loves Chelsea Lazkani’s Vagina Bag On Selling Sunset Season 6

It was a conversation starter, for sure.

Chelsea Lazkani in a pink top with pink sunglasses atop her head on Selling Sunset Season 6.
Courtesy of Netflix

Selling Sunset fans, rejoice. The show is back for Season 6 with familiar faces, bigger multi-million dollar listings, and even more drama (read: villains). But the realtors’ various arguments were momentarily paused, due an accessory that made waves: a boxy gold handbag embossed with a vagina.

In the first episode of Season 6, realtor Chelsea Lazkani attended a broker’s open arranged by Oppenheim Group co-worker (and empanada entrepreneur) Emma Hernan. As the show’s reigning fashionista, Lazkani came dressed to impress. She wore a sculpted, corset-style breast plate paired with a white maxi skirt with a thigh-high slit.

Though her ivory look was no doubt a stunner, Lazkani’s handbag elicited squeals of excitement from her fellow realtors. Box-shaped and gilded in gold, the purse — by multidisciplinary artist Stef Van Looveren — had a 3D vulva set directly into the front.

“It’s a vagina, yeah,” Lazkani confirmed among her colleagues’ shrieks. She then handed the purse to her boss Jason Oppenheim, cheekily quipping: “I heard you haven’t been getting much pussy, so there you go.”

The accessory became the jumping-off point for a group-wide discussion about how the aforementioned body part changes after pregnancy. Cheeky, informative, and stylish — nice work, Chelsea.

Screenshot via Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

The realtors weren’t the only ones who found the bag fascinating. Fashion Twitter was also sent into a tizzy after seeing Lazkani’s choice of accessory. “CHELSEA WITH THE VAGINA BAG LMAO,” one user said. While another claimed they wanted their own.

A conversation-starter for sure.