Emma Hernan Addressed Those Romance Rumors At The Selling Sunset Reunion

“I’m single. I’m enjoying life.”

Emma Hernan from 'Selling Sunset' via Netflix's press site
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During a Selling Sunset Season 5 conversation about Emma Hernan’s love life, Chrishell Stause reminded her co-worker that Mr. Right might even be a current business associate. That turned out to be fitting when Emma met a “super-cute” property developer named Micah while previewing a new Beverly Hills property. “Little did I know that this developer’s quite the eye candy himself,” the Oppenheim Group agent quipped after their first meeting. “I never flirt with clients. I am always strictly business, but ... it’s hard not to flirt with Micah.”

After their first date — a private tasting and preview of his new mezcal bar and restaurant — Emma was fully ready to break her personal rule. “I usually don’t mix business with pleasure, but Micah’s a little bit different,” she said. “We had like one or two meetings and I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ Not only is he attractive and successful and confident, but we actually have a lot in common. ... I mean, basically he’s just, like, check-check-checking every damn box.”

By the finale of Season 5 — which Netflix filmed between November and December 2021 — a romantic hot tub date signaled a relationship could be in their future. After all, they’d even come up with a “bucket list” of places they planned to travel together. However, Emma revealed that Micah primarily lives in Houston, Texas, so it seemed they were taking things slowly. “We’ve been hanging out, and I’ve been enjoying it,” she said of their relationship status. They might have another real estate project to collaborate on in the future, too.

Since filming wrapped, their relationship has “progressed a little bit,” as Emma told ET on April 22. “Me and Micah definitely have something special,” she said. “We’re definitely still enjoying each other’s company.” So far, it doesn’t sound like they’re exclusive, but she teased that the next chapter of Selling Sunset could bring new developments: “Maybe Season 6, there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?”

In the meantime, Emma sparked dating rumors with another man: her ex Peter Cornell, aka the fellow Oppenheim employee whom both she and Christine Quinn previously dated. After photographers spotted Emma and Peter having lunch in February, however, a source told to Us Weekly that they were “not dating,” and have simply remained friends since their 2018 split. What’s more, the insider added that Emma was single and “loving” it, though the Selling Sunset star has said Cornell might be angling for a reconciliation.

“We made the decision to go our separate ways for numerous reasons. Obviously in life, I feel like you can never say never, but right now at this point, I’m potentially dating other people,” Emma told Us Weekly in December. “I don’t know what he’s doing, but I do think he ideally would like to end up with me and he makes that very clear. But right now, our friendship is fine.”

That doesn’t necessarily bode well for Emma and Micah, especially if they’re still in a casual phase. Either way, Emma made no secret of her online dating struggles in the past — or the fact Ben Affleck messaged her on Raya “right before” his 2021 reunion with Jennifer Lopez. (“We have the Boston connection, so that was his opening pickup line,” she told Chrishell, before revealing she politely declined his offer to “grab coffee.”)

“It’s hard to find a quality guy on a dating app. I mean, there’s a lot of f*ck boys here in LA, that’s for damn sure,” she lamented in Selling Sunset Season 5. “It’s definitely like swipe, swipe, swipe. It’s like a full-blown workout. By the time you’re searching LA for a date, it is like you were on the damn Peloton for three days straight.”

Emma seems to be enjoying the dating process more now. The entrepreneur clarified her relationship status during the Selling Sunset reunion, saying, “I’m enjoying life. Whether it be with a new person I’m dating, whether it’s Micah, whether it’s my ex, I’m single,” she said. (Sorry, Micah shippers, they’re definitely still not exclusive.) Talking about the developer and bar owner, Emma said, “We had a very flirty connection,” adding, “He’s a good friend.”

Reunion host Tan France also brought up recent sightings of her and ex Peter. “I’m living my best life. I might spend time with my ex. It might be fun,” she replied. Peter is apparently “very attractive,” at least according to newest O Group agent Chelsea Lazkani, who said, “If she wants to dibble-dabble in her ex, be my guest.”

Emma then jumped in to point out that there’s no harm in them hanging out since they’re both single. “We have not been boyfriend-girlfriend since I called off the engagement,” she explained. “However, have I double-dipped and went back for seconds? Yes. Doesn’t mean we’re dating. I could go on a date tomorrow and that could be my future husband.”

And about that Ben Affleck Raya interaction? The Selling Sunset star doubled down that it did happen — despite Affleck’s team denying it. “It was 2019, it was a very long time ago.”

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