"Cherry Coke" Is The Hair Color Of TikTok It-Girls

Get into it.

As the seasons begin to change and dark nights turn to days filled with much more light, hair color trends tend to follow suit. Case in point? Kourtney Kardashian has *just* dyed her hair a platinum blonde hue for the first time since 1995, ditching her signature espresso tresses as if to signal the start of spring.

Yet on TikTok and beyond, more celebs and it-girls alike are going darker with their hair, opting for a raven black shade that’s made all the more sultry and striking with cherry red overtones. And while sunset-inspired shades of copper, apricot, fire red, and more have explored the softer side of red color palettes, this particular shade — aptly nicknamed “cherry coke” — feels fresh and in line with the recent obsession with dark, raven black strands (thanks to Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday, of course).

Among the influential faces taking the cola-inspired hue for a spin include names like Dove Cameron, and from seeing the shade all over my For You page on babes of all skin tones: I can confirm I’ve yet to see a single person the color doesn’t suit.

In other words? If you’re looking for a sign to change up your look, this might just be it.

With countless BeautyTok videos of girlies going for the cherry coke vibe — the comment section is seemingly always in agreement that the hair hue may lead to your best era yet. One scroller says, “in my cherry cola hair era for the second time with no regrets,” while another notes, “trust me babes ... it’s worth it.”

Though for any red hair hue, it can be quite the commitment — and experts have shared with Bustle that hair health, thickness, texture, and budget are among the things to consider before joining in on the trend.

Rihanna’s cherry coke curls in 2010.Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images
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