12 Absolutely Angelic Cherub Tattoo Designs

Ink inspo ahead.

You see cherubs a lot around Valentine’s Day, but they’re not just a symbol of love. In Abrahamic religions and mythology, cherubs are the celestial attendants of God and serve the supreme deity’s will in heaven and on Earth. That’s why you’ll find the angelic beings mentioned in centuries-old texts and floating in the background of some of the most famous artworks.

As is the case with plenty of other ancient symbols, images of cherubs are a favorite design among ink lovers. “Cherub tattoos have definitely made a comeback,” says artist Jaz Paulino of High Hopes Tattoo in New York. “They can be drawn to fit anyone and are just so darn cute.” She says some clients ask for cherubs to commemorate a lost loved one, and, for others, the little angels are a way to shout out their culture or religion. Whatever the reason, a cherub serves as an ideal subject “for a really fun and significant tattoo,” according to Paulino.

Paulino says cherubs are meant to roam free, so in that spirit, the placement options for this kind of tat are truly limitless — opt for one on your forearm, on your ribcage, go for a back tat... wherever your heart desires. If you’re in the market for some ink inspiration, look to these 12 totally dreamy cherub tattoo designs below.


Tattooed Cherub

How meta: This inked-up cherub puts an edgy spin on a classic tattoo design.


Red Cherub

For some colorful tattoo inspo, look to this traditional full-body cherub — complete with the signature bow and arrow — done in red ink.


Glowing Cherub

This cute cherub resting on a cloud and surrounded by a heavenly glow is sweet yet bold.


The Diva Cherub

The cherub in this tat has been transformed into a modern-day beauty lover with long hair (in a Gen Z-approved middle part, BTW) and perfectly-brushed brows.


Fine Line Cherub

If you’re looking for something more dainty, this fine linework cherub is light on the details in the very best way.


The Top Knot Cherub

Here’s another more contemporary take on an angelic tattoo — check out this cherub’s tattoo sleeves and chic top knot.


The Classic Cherub

You could stick to a more traditional design like this one, which is an adorable outlined tat with just the right amount of drama.


Cartoon-Like Cherub

This cherub tat is right out of a storybook with its animated details and daydream-y vibe.


Floral-Loving Cherub

For another playful take, consider a cherub tattoo featuring lots of flowers — and, it seems, a little tribute to Mom.


Good & Evil Cherubs

Blur the line between good and evil with a piece like this one that features an angelic cherub embracing a little horned devil.


Mouse Cherub

This tat featuring a mousy cherub playing a harp is equal parts quirky and charming.


Sleeping Cherub

Consider some ink with a sleeping angel like this one, which is almost calming to look at.