The Makeup Products Chloe Fineman Collects “Like Art”

And how being on SNL has affected her beauty routine.

On any given Saturday Night Live episode, you might see cast member Chloe Fineman transition between impersonations of Britney Spears, Timothee Chalamet, and Megan Fox, all over the course of 90 minutes. But being a chameleon, however — aside from being a part of the job — happens to come naturally for the comedian.

Case in point: Fineman has tried almost every type of haircut and color imaginable. “I really liked when I had pixie hair,” the 33-year-old, who has a new gig as an ambassador for Pantene and its reformulated conditioners, tells Bustle. “I was 19 or 20. It was that Natalie Portman short hair era. It was so easy to take care of — I would just be like, shoom-shoom-pow and go about my day.”

Not all of her experiments, however, were a success — like another pixie she describes as “egg-shaped,” a bowl cut, and a failed attempt at dyeing her ’do rose gold, which turned bright orange instead. Extensions didn’t go over well either: “My boyfriend didn’t like them,” she recalls. “He was like, ‘You feel like a doll.’ ”

These days, though, Fineman’s rocking short blonde waves, which she says are easy to upkeep — ideal for the low-maintenance hair care routine she seeks. “I’m kind of gross where I try not to wash it a thousand times even though my instinct is to,” she says, adding that when she does wash it, she turns to a simple shampoo and one of Pantene’s deep conditioners.

Fineman’s skin care and makeup regimens, however, are a bit more involved. “I’m a skin girl,” she says. “And I love, love, love makeup. I like to collect it like art.” Here, Fineman shares her favorite beauty products, the makeup item she hoards, and the ’90s trend she’ll never try again.

What skin care products are you currently using?

I really like the Tracie Martyn face wash and face mask. I also just bought a Tracie Martyn toner that feels just like fresh water. I don’t get what it does, but it feels good. To me, it’s like, I don’t drink enough water, so I guess I’ll pat it on my face.

Is there a product that has really changed your skin?

The Augustinus Bader Rich Cream truly did change my skin as a chronically dehydrated person.

How have your makeup and skin care routines changed since becoming a cast member on SNL?

I’ve gotten lazier outside of the show. During the week, I’m like, “Why wear makeup? I’m going to get it done on Saturday.” I’ve really let my face be a lot more. And because of that, I’m definitely way more invested in skin care and having my skin look good. When it’s slathered with a bunch of stuff, we’re good to go.

What do you wear makeup-wise every day?

If I’m gonna wear makeup, I’m definitely an eyelash person. Kevyn Aucoin has my favorite eyelash curler ever. I hoard them — I’ll buy them on Amazon and get like, five. He has really good mascara too. I like Hourglass’s highlighter a lot. Pat McGrath has good blushes. I’m indecisive about lipsticks, but Rouje has this lip palette I’m obsessed with, and you can make it work as a cheek also. And I really like Charlotte Tilbury [quad] eyeshadows because you can just put them in your purse.

What’s your favorite kind of makeup product to collect as if it’s art?

I have a huge Pat McGrath problem. I’ve collected those palettes and I don’t even use them — I just like to look at them. I think they’re so beautiful.

Is there a makeup hack you’ve learned that you swear by?

I love Katie Jane Hughes, the makeup artist, and her Weleda face cream as highlighter hack. You just douse yourself in thick cream for that glow as supposed to using a million pumps of a highlighter. And then I like to use eyeshadow, shimmery ones, as a blush. All makeup is interchangeable.

Is there a recurring impersonation you do on SNL that you love dressing up as?

Doing Britney was really fun. That wig was really funny to me, the costume was hilarious. Ooli is one I prefer doing at home because I could make my own costume that’s not very put-together. But it’s hard — my instinct is to make these like, chaotic characters, but when they have to be on SNL, they have to be... not as naked [laughs].

Speaking of Britney — what are your thoughts on the return of ’90s and Y2K beauty trends?

I’ve been stuck in the ’90s for forever. I love the matte lip. The Y2K — I think it’s kind of fun to go back to the shimmer of it all, but I’m afraid of super-thin eyebrows, as someone who took forever to grow mine out. I do like the trend of dark hair bleached in the front.

Thankfully your brows are fully back. How do you maintain them?

In Los Angeles I would go to this place Striiike. They do a feathered brow. In New York I started going to a woman named Kerrie Jordan. And in the Bay Area, where I’m from, there’s this woman named Michele Holmes. All the brow artists I go to tint them with henna, and then I just leave them be.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.