Creme Egg’s New Fashion Line Will Stop You Eating Them, Literally

It’s to help celebrate their ongoing “How Do You Not Eat Yours?” competition

Joshua Meeks-Rayvon.

Forget Balenciaga, Supreme, and the rest. Cadbury's Creme Egg has come to the table with the latest high fashion balaclava that’s making serious waves. The eggs-centric item is part of the chocolate company’s new range with emerging sustainable designer Charlotte Kirkham of Rua Carlota, and the eye-catching items have already sold out online.

The limited-edition fashion collection is inspired by the Creme Egg’s iconic yellow, purple, and crimson colour scheme, and was launched to help celebrate the chocolate confection’s ongoing “How Do You Not Eat Yours?” competition.

The competition has seen a limited number of half milk and half white chocolate Creme Eggs hidden in stores across the UK. Lucky fans who find them just need to resist the urge to eat their winning eggs in order to claim a cash prize of up to £10,000.

However, even luckier fans have managed to get their hands on the three-piece “Piece de Resistance” collection, which includes a balaclava with no mouth, a pair of oversized mittens, and an endless sleeved top. All to help you resist eating your Creme Egg, get it?

Unsurprisingly, the clothes sold out in a mere few hours after it was launched, so it seems there’s quite the demand for food-inspired clothing, with Greggs also recently launching their own clothing line in collaboration with Primark.

Cadbury’s may have just started the hottest new style trend, but it may have helped that the items were completely free of charge. A pretty sweet deal considering an average shirt from Rue Carlota’s general collection is priced in the region of £185.

The items are yet to appear on your classic reselling sites, like eBay or Etsy, so fashion lovers will have to sign up for updates in case a restock happens before the competition ends on Apr. 17.

Speaking about the collaboration, Rua Carlota founder Charlotte Kirkham said in a press release: “Such a unique design brief made producing the limited-edition collection both a challenging and rewarding experience.Each of the pieces intertwines the Rua Carlota DNA with a Creme Egg sense of fun, and should definitely make eating a Creme Egg a lot more challenging!”