13 Foot Tattoo Designs That Are Ridiculously Cute

So. many. options.

13 foot tattoo ideas that are ridiculously cute.
ferrantraite/E+/Getty Images

Whether you’re a first-time tattoo-getter or you’re an ink veteran, foot tattoos are a great spot to get some body art. If you go with a dainty design, it can totally be discrete — so that’s a plus if you’re just dipping your toe (ahem) into tattoos. From stars like Demi Lovato to Rihanna, plenty of celebrities have ink on their feet. If you want to see what the hype is all about, narrow down your expedition to find the perfect one with these 13 foot tattoo ideas.

Believe it or not, but there are so many options for ink placements on your feet for what seems like such a small canvas. You can get a tattoo dangling from your ankle down onto the top of your foot (à la Nicole Richie), opt for minimal designs on your toes, or get a design on the sides of your ankles — basically, where there’s skin, there’s a potential spot for body art. And, if you’ve been searching for a design that’s noticeable when you wear open-toed shoes (it is finally spring, after all), foot tattoos can add that extra edge.

Where else to look for tattoo inspo than Instagram? Scrolling through the app, you can find thousands upon thousands of cool design ideas. To help you figure out what to get for your next ink, check out these 13 super-cute foot tattoos — there’s a design for all kind of ink enthusiasts, from the adorable to the more bold.


Matching Animals

For one of the most adorable matching tattoo ideas ever, partner up with your BFF for a variation of these puppy outlines. Since they’re not filled in, they work as a more minimalistic option.


Olive Branch

For a whimsy, nature-inspired design, this olive branch tattoo is really chic. Plus, if you want something more delicate, it doesn’t take up much space. You can choose any plant or element of nature you like.


Colorful Flowers

Tattoos with color variation offer a fun pop. Choose some of your favorite hues to emulate this sweet floral design that lightly covers the top of the foot.


Floral Arrangment

If you’re ready to commit to something more bold, try a dark, intricate arrangement like this one. And you can replicate the idea with other plants.


Retro Pacman

This retro Pacman tattoo gives off total 2000s vibes. If you’re on the market for a fun ink design, think of your favorite nostalgic video game character.


Cursive Quote

Have a favorite inspirational quote? Get it inked on the side of your foot to keep it close. You can get it as small as you’d like.


Tiny Wave

This teeny wave is the perfect starter tattoo for anyone on the fence about getting permanently inked. Though it’s small, it adds a simple touch of art to the side of your foot.


World Map

Want to portray your love of travel? Consider a map-inspired tatt to channel wanderlust while you wait for your next vacay.


Matching Planets

These tiny planets are a chic take on astronomy. Planet shapes are also a great and discrete option for matching tattoos.


Birth Year

You can also get a tattoo on the bottom of your foot for ultimate subtlety. One idea for this placement? Stamp your birth year onto the middle of your sole to commemorate your special day.


Sun And Moon

Astrology fans will love these chic sun, moon, and star designs. Look to any of your favorite solar or astrology symbols to represent your passion for the stars.


Toe Tatt

Toe tattoos are a fun spot for small ink. Whether you decide to go with this little plant or another teeny design, this is the kind you can show off while wearing your favorite summer shoes.


Shadow Butterflies

Butterfly tattoos are a beautiful way to show some love of nature, and they work great with colored ink. The shadow and deep purple shades of these are so detailed, they look real.