10 Ways To Modernize The Early '00s Frosted Eyeshadow Look

It’s baaaack.

Dua Lipa has worn many frosted eyeshadow looks during her Future Nostalgia tour.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Low rise jeans, pencil-thin (or, over-plucked) brows, platform flip flops ... and now, shadows with icing-like finishes? It-girls, beauty TikTok, and even A-list celebs say frosted eyeshadow looks are totally a thing. Again.

It’s no secret that the trends of the early aughts that millennials thought were long gone, are very much alive and well — but lucky for the newer generations, the nostalgic looks are a bit more modernized and wearable this time around. Kindra Mann, the celebrity makeup artist who’s worked with Mandy Moore, Jordana Brewster, and Maisie Williams (to name a few), gives some insight on the reemerged trend: “A shimmery or a frosted eyeshadow can be really beautiful. If you want to go a more modern approach, focus the frosted eyeshadow on the lid portion of the eye and not underneath the brow bone.”

As for the frosted color palette she recommends? Mann explains: “Complementary shades are a great way to try [the frosted eyeshadow trend] out as well. [For example,] if you have green eyes and you wanna play up the green, a frosted purple would be the way to go. Any shade in the pastel family would be a simple and easy way to try this trend out.”

Whether you opt for an icy baby blue, a shimmering mint green, or perhaps a frosted lavender shade — below, I’ve gathered some inspiration (and the best products) you’ll need to totally nail the trend.

Classic Frosted Eyeshadow

Adorn your eyes with a wash of pale, frosted blue all over the lids for an iconic look that’s oh so ’90s glam.

Frosted Lower Lash Line

Focus the ocean-inspired, shimmering shade solely on the lower lash line à la Hailey Bieber for an editorial moment that’s very it-girl chic.

Cool-Toned Inner Corners

Contrast those bronzed warm tones with a frosty pop of color on the eye’s inner corners.

Ultra-Glam Blue Frost

Take a cue from Euphoria’s it-girl — Alexa Demie — and expertly blend a palette of blue shades for a look that’s all things glamorous and statement-making.

Two-Tone Iridescent Frost

Introduce a frosted purple shade for a two-tone look that is otherworldly.

Minty Iced Wing

Sculpt a perfect icy, mint-green wing for eyes that truly glimmer.

High-Shine Frosted Inner Corners

Pair a colorful waterline with an ultra-bright, icy inner corner.

Frosted Galactic Lavender

Play with purple hues on the eyes (and cheekbones) for an out-of-this-world, frosted glam vibe.

Grey-Hued Midnight Gleam

Create an allover frosted eye — with a classically smoky twist that’s perfect for those wild summer nights.

Pastel Sheen Cut Crease

Create a sensually elongated eye with a palette of muted pastels and shimmering frosted hues.

Graphic Silver Frost

Get creative and paint on a graphic, frosted eye inspired by the cosmos.