Hailey Bieber Spilled All The Deets About Her Red Carpet Glam Routine

The sugar water hair hack is genius.

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Hailey Bieber released a new YouTube video showing off how she gets glam for red carpet events.
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When you think about celebrities getting ready for a big event, a few things come to mind. You might imagine an hours-long glam session, the roar of a blowdryer muffling the conversation as a stylist scrambles to add one last finishing touch. You’d probably think Hailey Bieber’s red carpet routine is just as extensive, but in a new GRWM video for her Youtube Channel, the model and her team challenged themselves to get glam in just 30 minutes.

Before the fun starts, Bieber introduces her pros: wardrobe stylist Maeve Reilly, celebrity hairstylist extraordinaire Jen Atkin, and makeup artist Denika Bedrossian. The stylish star mentions that getting ready for a big event like the Met Gala is a group effort, and you can quickly tell that her glam squad is a well-oiled machine. After coming up with a game plan (Atkin notes that the trio is mindful of letting each other have their “moments” so that the final look isn’t too busy), the countdown is on and they get to work.

It starts with Atkin, who spritzes Bieber’s hair with water mixed with sugar, a 1950s hair trick to help set the locks as they dry. As Atkin works her magic, Bedrossian goes in and preps her eyes for the simple, sultry winged eye they’ve chosen to complement the beaded Versace gown that Reilly selected. The model admits that the process — which often involves being surrounded and primped by multiple people in a very tiny amount of space — can make her anxious (and understandably so).

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In the final moments, Atkin removes the large rollers from Bieber’s hair, then uses a curling iron to mold them into shape. “Make sure you always hold down the ear when you’re curling,” she says, as she brings Bieber’s curls to life. At the same time, Bedrossian goes in and perfects the liner. After a few minimal final touches on her face and lips (and even her cuticles), the supermodel is ready for the (imaginary) carpet. “And we have literally nowhere to go to, so we’re gonna go to...take all of this off,” she laughs at the end. Considering that was the #mood all 2020, there’s nothing more relatable.

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