Hailey Bieber's "Brownie Glazed Lips” Are A Combo Of These 2 Products

The Rhode founder took to TikTok to show how you can get the look, too.

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Hailey Bieber showed off her glossy brown lipstick look (aka glazed brownie lips) on TikTok. It's a ...
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When it comes to all things glossy and glazed (and dessert-themed) in beauty, you know to turn to Hailey Bieber. So to add to the beloved glazed donut glow and nail looks she has graced on all of us, Bieber now wants you to turn your attention to your lips. Yesterday, the Rhode Skin founder dropped a lip combination on TikTok that she’s calling the brownie glazed lip.

In her latest TikTok video, she shows followers that the brownie glazed lip is easy to recreate on your own. True to her minimalistic vibe, she only uses two products: a brown mauve lip liner (eagle-eyed commenters have speculated that it’s the Scott Barnes Atelier Lip Pencil in Naomi) and the Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment. I’m very sad to report that both products are currently sold-out, but you can sign up for a restock notification.

First, Bieber lines her lips with the creamy lip pencil in thick lines and gently pats on the color to smudge and set the liner. She then draws a diagonal line in the center of her top lip and adds a thicker line in the center of her bottom lip to add more definition. She finishes with the Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment to add the glossy shine. The result? The ultimate glossy brown lip for fall.

It gives ’90s brown lip vibes but the glossy shine adds a more modern, updated spin. The glossy chocolate-tinted look is perfect for fall (and beyond).

If this isn’t your speed and you're looking for something with more color, there are other fall lip trends to try out. Experts like Sir John and Jaleesa Jaikaran predict red and purple will also be huge when the weather gets colder. No matter what you decide, it’s starting to look like fall is the season of the lips — and I’m here for it.

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