Welp, Hilary Duff Accidentally Dyed Her Hair Green

By the time she realized her mistake, it was too late.

by Hilary Shepherd
Hilary Duff’s green hair has made a reappearance — and this time, it wasn’t intentional.
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hilary Duff’s green hair has made a reappearance — and this time, it wasn’t intentional. The Lizzie McGuire star and new mom revealed the deets of the mishap on her Instagram story last night, explaining that she meant to apply a purple conditioner for blonde hair onto her locks, but instead used a product that transformed her flaxen-colored strands into a light shade of green.

“So, I just took a bath,” Duff says, sporting wet hair and a comfy-looking robe, “and I put a conditioner on my hair that I thought was for taking the brassiness out. Turns out, it was leftover from when my hair was green. And now I’ve turned my hair green. Again. On accident.”

Duff didn’t share the specific product she mistakenly used, though she did claim that it was a hair mask. “It took about seven minutes of this hair mask sitting on my hair,” she says, adding that while the current state of her hair is less than ideal, the transformation left her shell-shocked. “I mean, [my hair] was not perfect. Let’s be honest. I swim every day with my kids.” (ICYWW, here’s the unfortunate reason chlorine tends to annoyingly turn blonde hair green.) “But now, it’s truly green.”

If you recall, Duff debuted a very relatable hair color change during the quarantine in April 2020. Shortly after, however, she admitted that she regretted dyeing her hair blue, as it had turned into a “murky green.” After switching to her natural blonde for a few months, the star went back to blue in February 2021, revealing a mermaid-like pastel hue (and allowing the transformation go down in the hands of a professional). Though Duff seems to currently be in a state of panic with her accidental green locks, she can rest easy knowing their are plenty of at-home remedies to try.