10 Hip Tattoo Ideas That’ll Inspire Your Next Trip To The Parlor

From barely there to side-encompassing works.

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Here are 10 hip tattoo ideas for your next trip to the parlor.

One of the most obvious ways to add a touch of art to your skin is with a tattoo. Essentially, every square centimeter of your body can serve as a canvas — so you have plenty of space to work with when planning where to put some ink. Not sure where to start? Hip tattoos can be a chic and discrete spot for pretty much any design you have in mind.

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While you should brace yourself for one of the more potentially painful ink experiences (depending on your pain threshold), hip tattoos make up for it by being incredibly versatile. They’re a great placement option for when you want something you can conceal but that you can also show a peak of with, say, a high-slit dress. Plus, with summer approaching, it’s the perfect ink spot to showcase while lounging poolside.

Regardless of what type of tattoo you’re looking for, there are endless options for hip tattoos — you can get everything from a delicate micro-tattoo that is practically imperceptible to a statement piece that covers the side length of your body.

To help you figure out exactly what you want (because, TBH, you can weed through ink designs for hours upon hours on end), here are 10 cool hip tattoo ideas from Instagram to inspire your next trip to the tattoo parlor.


Bold Red Dragon

Getting an all-black tattoo is always classic, but this bold yet simple red dragon makes a strong case for trying out something more vivid. The design starts slightly above the hip bone and slithers down the top of the thigh for a subtle reveal that can peek out of your outfit (depending on what you’re wearing).


Sentimental Numbers

Whether it’s the address of your childhood home, a loved one’s birthday, or another number that’s significant to you, there are infinite options for a small row of digits along the side of your hips.


Visualize A Nickname

A tattoo is a great way to commemorate a memory or celebrate yourself. This little outline of a ghost is sweet inspo for visualizing a memory into ink — try something abstract.


Hand On The Hip

This subtle combination of minimalist line drawing and negative space is a fun, tongue-in-cheek depiction of the “hand on the hip.”


Fruit Vines

Sometimes it’s nice to celebrate that life is a peach, ya know? This tattoo runs along the hip line but has barely-there colored shading for some subtlety. You can try it with any fruit you love.


Whimsical Line Drawing

This hip tattoo is equal parts ephemeral and whimsical. The abstract design looks like something the Alice in Wonderland caterpillar would exhale — it’s all in the eye of the beholder.


Sprawling Florals

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. But seriously, there’s a reason florals are a classic tattoo option, and they’re a great option for the hip area.


Vivid Details

The colors in this piece are so vibrant they look like a painting. If you’re looking for a striking and imaginative tattoo, this eclectic design is great inspo.


Tiny Bouquet

There’s a reason tiny tattoos are everywhere — they’re dainty and delicate, but still add some art to your canvas. This tiny flower bouquet is a cute idea for the hip bone.


Cursive Phrase

Cursive phrases are a great way to celebrate a mantra, a line from a poem, or a favorite book through your tattoo design.

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