Not Sure How To Style Bangs? Make These Easy Hairstyles Your Go-To

Plus, the essential products I use for upkeep.

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A few weeks ago, I *finally* went for the big chop and cut some French-inspired, low-key bangs. And while they looked absolutely perfect leaving the salon — I’ve been on a serious mission to find the best hairstyles (and products) to upkeep my new wispy bangs at-home.

For those looking to do the same, I’ve tapped Andrea DiCostanzo, the NY-based founder and lead hair guru of The Painted Gypsy, who just so happens to be my go-to master of trendy cuts and on-point color. And if you’re anything like me and have a super strong middle part that is not the best situation for bangs — you need all the tips you can get.

Right away, DiCostanzo says: “A smaller round brush is a must-have, and your blow-dryer needs a nozzle.” As for training a pesky middle part? She shares this technique: “I use my hands and blow-dryer to break up the part line, [shifting] the hair from left to right in a downward position.” And while there was most definitely a bit of a learning curve on my end: I quickly got the hang of it, and am now able to train my bangs in just a few minutes each morning.

After a bunch of fails and never-agains — here are four of my favorite bang-friendly hairstyles I have in constant rotation, and the 10 products that are must-haves for girlies going for the chop.

Fresh Salon-Quality Blowout

Fresh from the salon (or post-shower after using a blow-dryer and velcro rollers), there is nothing quite like the feeling of squeaky-clean strands and a bouncy blowout. While some volumizing mousse and heat protectant is key — DiCostanzo notes: “Less products is sometimes better, as the oils from your hands and face will make your bangs greasy.”

My quick trick? Make sure to go in with some loose setting powder all-over your forehead to quickly mattify and keep your bangs looking fresh.

Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Half-Up ‘Do

Olivia Rose Ferreiro

Brigitte Bardot is most definitely one of my biggest beauty inspirations — and her signature? Some oh so French tousled bangs, and her long blonde hair teased into a voluminous half-up ‘do. For the holiday season and beyond, I’m excited to experiment with this easy Bardot-inspired look — and will most definitely be adding a big black bow for some on-trend sweetness.

Effortless Claw Clip Messy Bun

Olivia Rose Ferreiro

My easiest go-to style style (with or without bangs) is undoubtedly a messy claw clip bun — though with bangs, I find it looks even more elevated and put-together. Plus, it gives major #PamCore vibes in seconds. Obsessed.

When In Doubt, A Sleek Topknot

Olivia Rose Ferreiro

On the days when my bangs just aren’t banging (or when I just don’t feel like having hair in my face) — I’ve gotten into the habit of creating super-sleek, balletcore topknots with a bit of matte pomade for some extra hold.

DiCostanzo shares a few tips for those days when your bangs just don’t want to cooperate: “[To refresh your bangs on a bad hair day], the option of rewashing [that small section of hair] is always available — but if you don’t have the time, try using dry shampoo, or hiding them with a sleek updo or some cute clips.”

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