The Reason #Pamcore Is All Over Your TikTok FYP

Time to whip out the denim short shorts.

The Reason #Pamcore Is All Over Your TikTok FYP
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There is no question about the fashion prowess of the ‘90s. From pixie cuts to slip dresses – and the sheer amount of denim! – celeb style of that decade continue to define and influence current trends. (Just think of how many ‘90s fashion icons are regularly channeled.) Layer that with popular streaming releases like Disney+’s Pam and Tommy and you have a perfect TikTok style storm. Welcome to #Pamcore.

The new Disney+ series, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan, shows how the fallout from a leaked tape destroyed Pamela Anderson’s marriage and career, and ultimately transformed celebrity culture. Naturally, TikTok is already diving into how to recreate the best Anderson looks. Cue denim, crop tops, hats, and square sunnies. Here’s what you need to know.

What Exactly Is #Pamcore?

Anderson’s catapult into fashion history may have been cemented with her Baywatch statement red swimsuit, but it hardly ends there. Standing on the shoulders of aesthetics that have come before (cottagecore, mermaidcore, bardcore etc.), #Pamcore has swept in with that bang-on ‘90s Pam Anderson aesthetic.

Anderson regularly pulled out unforgettable looks, which has led to a whole generation practising their Baywatch style slow-mo runs – and cropping virtually every top they own.

Of course, we can’t discuss Anderson without first addressing that black corset. In the mid ‘90s, Anderson went through a stint of wearing strapless (often lace-up) black leather corsets – based around her portrayal of the leather-clad bounty hunter in Barb Wire. The cultural impact of the look has stayed strong, with Kendall Jenner dressing as black-leathered Pamela Anderson for Halloween in 2020.

Anderson also pulled off more than one statement hat. Her 1999 VMAs look is memorable for more than one reason; from her sequinned pants and classic corset, to the massive pink fluffy hat.

In a nutshell, #Pamcore consist of high-cut red swimsuits, denim, crop tops, stand-out hats, black leather corsets, and a good supply of cowboy boots. Oh, and sequins. In fact, eBay search results show a 39% increase in searches for “Pam Anderson”, 45% increase for “black leather corsets”, and 74% for “red swimming suits”.

What Is Happening On TikTok?

Of course, where there is a trend, there is TikTok. While the black leather corset look often has heavy emphasis on the cleavage, TikToker @ucancallmephoebe modelled the “flat-chested version” of Pamela Anderson’s raunchiest leather corset looks, proving that even if you’re not as well endowed as Anderson, you can still achieve this incredible look.

Elsewhere, TikToker @s1ut4thep0pe modelled the entire Anderson leather corset look and instantly went viral. Pairing her corset with fishnet tights, black thigh high leather boots, and leather gloves, this sultry homage to the classic ‘90s look was an instant hit.

#Pamcore wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to Pamela Anderson’s stunning beauty looks. TikToker @pennyangelaa paid homage to the Canadian model’s standout makeup by creating an effortless and vivid eyeshadow look, styled with classic ‘90s lipliner and gloss. And of course, the blonde bombshell wig.

If you’re wanting to recreate Pamela Anderson’s VMAs look, you can thanks to TikToker @shaaynemarie, who recreated the entire 1999 look; complete with the white corset, oversized furry hat and sequinned trousers. During the video, the TikToker gives us a breakdown of how she achieved this look, who also said she studied the reference video before getting to work.

“Obviously the big things in this look are the pink furry hat,” she says in the video. “Well, honestly everything in this look is like a statement. But the things I was most worried about were the hat, and the sequinned pants, because I was like I can’t f*ck this up.” And she didn’t. This TikToker upcycled a pair of sequinned trousers found on eBay and hit up “crafty as f*ck” older sister who created a replica of the furry hat.

TikToker @madeleinebyrnee showed how easy and simple it is to create Anderson’s iconic looks, starting with denim jeans styled with a black crop top and, of course, tight denim shorts styled with a V-neck tee, all soundtracked to Mandy Moore’s “Candy” no less. Peak ‘90s nostalgia.