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Jenna Ortega Debuted A Short Shag Haircut With Bangs & It's So Chic

The star teased the major change back in April.

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Wednesday star Jenna Ortega has a new short shag haircut with bangs.
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With only a few weeks since her (instant) cult-fave show dropped on Netflix, Wednesday has quickly surpassed countless beloved shows to become the platform’s *second* most popular English-language series, next to season 4 of Stranger Things. In other words? The show has amassed over one billion hours of viewing, and counting.

In turn, Jenna Ortega is truly having her main character moment. And just as she celebrated her first Golden Globe nomination for her work on Wednesday, she arrived on the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with a new shag haircut that has been making headlines (and is sure to be the next big cut at just about every hair salon in the country).

Chopped and styled by David Stanwell, a celeb hairstylist who frequently works with the likes of Florence Pugh, Camila Mendes, and Lili Reinhart, the duo opted for a freshly-cut shaggy bob that feels edgy, and somehow strikes the perfect balance between being playfully youthful and chicly sophisticated. As for the expertly tousled texture and volume? Stanwell tapped Authentic Beauty Concept’s products for the look, going in with their Amplify Mousse and Beachy Texture Spray on Ortega’s damp hair, following up with the Airy Texture Spray, Styling Cream, and Solid Pomade once her strands were dry to finish off the look.

Back in April 2022, I had the opportunity to speak with Ortega about her upcoming roles and personal approach and connection to beauty — and even then, she expressed how truly open she is to experimenting with her look.

She shared with Bustle: “I’m not too attached to my hair — they can do whatever they want to it [for particular roles], and I would be down for anything. But I’m kinda down to do a really short cut, almost like a boy cut. I think that would be really fun and different for me, and it would [feel] refreshing — and then I’d get to live out all of the awkward stages in between.”

Personally, I’m hoping we get a pixie moment sooner rather than later ...

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