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Kanye & Julia Fox’s Matching Outfits Give Off Serious ’90s Vibes

From head-to-toe denim to leather and more.

by Jamie Feldman
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Julia Fox and Kanye West in matching denim looks at the Kenzo show in Paris January 23, 2022.
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Nothing about Kanye West and Julia Fox’s whirlwind romance has been what one might call casual. From their first date on New Year’s Eve in Miami to an evening out in New York City complete with a Broadway show, full wardrobe fitting, photo shoot at celebrity hotspot Carbone, and a spread about the whole thing for Interview magazine, the pair seem to be welcoming the attention being thrown their way — and are doing so wearing a bevy of beautiful clothing.

Kanye, known for making his opinion on his partner’s wardrobe crystal clear, and Fox, known for a willingness to go bold, appear to be having plenty of fun with their style in these early, budding days of their relationship. From New York to their current jaunt around Paris for Couture Fashion Week, the couple have become increasingly coordinated, and — considering all the denim, pointed bras, and leather moments — inspired by the ’90s’ most iconic styles.

Fox, in heavy black liner and structural streetwear, has emerged as a fashion match for Kanye, even drawing comparisons to ex Kim Kardashian. Fox’s choice in footwear has felt familiar not once, but twice: First, there was a pair of pantaboots (or, in Fox’s case, “joots,” as they’ve been playfully referred to); more recently, she was photographed in the exact pair of thigh-high Balenciagas Kardashian wore in 2016.

The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to Fox, West, and their sartorial similarities. Keep scrolling to see all their matching looks so far.


Nice In Navy

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On one of their first outings together, Fox was seen in a black and blue Sies Marjan coat. Though admittedly more casual, Ye color coordinated in a navy sweatshirt, black jacket, and jeans.


Denim, Denim, & More Denim

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Their most notable matching moment yet, Fox and West attended a day of shows at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week wearing head-to-toe denim, sparking myriad reactions and tweets.


Loving Leather

Marc Piasecki/GC Images/Getty Images

That evening, the two were spotted that in new looks: Fox wore a one-shoulder gown by Rick Owens, pairing it with a black trench and thigh-high silver boots. West, meanwhile, wore black leather and his beloved blue contact lenses.


All-Black Everything

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fox followed in the all-black-everything theme for Schiaparelli’s show the next day, wearing a mini, zip-up dress, and thigh-high boots. Ye, also in all black, wore a face covering mask, too.

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