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19 Years Ago, Lindsay Lohan Wore The Exposed Bra Look In Mean Girls

And in 2023, the trend is officially back.

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Lindsay Lohan plays Cady Heron in 'Mean Girls.'
Screenshot via Netflix

Name a millennial teen movie more iconic than Mean Girls, I’ll wait. Aside from making stars out of the cast, the 2004 film infused a generation with style inspiration that would last decades. It’s so influential, in fact, that the film’s Y2K aesthetic is still widely referenced. Just last May, several stars attended the Cannes Film Festival in what looked like Cady Heron’s iconic Mean Girls ‘fit. True fans will remember this moment.

As Cady (Lindsay Lohan) assimilates into the Plastics, she sheds her personality and style. She trades the laid-back, earthy basics for a skin-tight, low-rise wardrobe worthy of a ‘00s-era cool girl. In a ploy to win Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) over, Cady’s final metamorphosis into “cold, shiny, hard Plastic” culminates at a house party.. Though the movie is rife with culture-making outfits (Cady’s style basically ruled my childhood), it’s this scene that she wears her best outfit in the entire film.

Cady rocked a black strapless mini with a pink stripe down one side. Fully embracing the exposed bra look (a major early aughts trend), Cady wears her strapless dress just low enough to expose the cups of her contrasting hot pink bra. She paired the saucy look with sheer black tights, hot pink hoop earrings, a ribbon choker, and black boots.

Screenshot via Netflix
Screenshot via Netflix

While Cady returns to her old flannel-wearing self at the end of the film, this look lives on. In fact, 19 years later, the visible bra is gaining popularity once again, cropping up on some of the biggest Hollywood celebs at Cannes Film Festival 2023. Scarlett Johansson, Sydney Sweeney, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley paid homage to the look — all wearing faux strapless-style dresses with built-in contrasting exposed bras.

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