An Ode To The Most Lash-Lengthening Mascara I've Ever Tried

I’m not kidding.

M.A.C's magic extension mascara next to a 10/10 recommended sign

It sounds strange coming from a beauty editor, but I don’t really believe in mascara. I wear glasses, for one, which makes the product seem like a waste of energy since it’ll have to compete with lenses. And that’s only amplified by the fact that my lashes are short and thin. But after trying M.A.C’s Magic Extension Mascara, I may finally be a convert.

Usually, spending five minutes applying layer upon layer of mascara doesn’t do much to lengthen my strands. When I play around with different wands and volumizing formulas, my eyelashes just clump together and somehow look more sparse. That’s not to say I don’t keep trying to find one that works, though: The moment M.A.C.’s new tube came across my desk, the combination of the words “magic,” “extension,” and “fibre” on the packaging piqued my interest enough that I immediately picked it up to test.

The end result? I peered into the mirror to see an unexpected but happy surprise. Here’s what makes the mascara wand a game-changer.

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First Up: The Basics

A quick makeup lesson: There is a specific class of mascaras known as fiber mascaras. Unlike other formulas, these actually have tiny bits of fiber that latch onto your actual lashes to help create a full effect. The touted result is a natural-looking length that brings you the same drama as extensions or falsies.

M.A.C’s Magic Extension falls into this category as a super black, ultra-pigmented goo thanks to crystal powders within the formula. It’s also smooth and lubricated from a combination of wax and an olive oil derivative, which is convenient for repeated coatings. The spiky brush at the tip of the wand adds to its lengthening skills — it’s long, slightly tapered, and covered with bristles to ensure it reaches each and every hair.

Why I’m Obsessed

Because of this product, I finally have noticeable eyelashes. It’s the first mascara that works on my stubborn, short hair: Just a couple of layers define and lengthen them at a jaw-dropping level, and make my eyes look instantly awake. But there is a specific prowess to the Magic Extension formula: It dramatically makes my eyelashes look more full — as if I have more of the tiny hairs along my lash line — and even fills in the sparse areas.

Before and after swiping on the M.A.C. Magic Extension Mascara.

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Another perk is that I don’t encounter any of my usual hiccups while applying the mascara — the M.A.C. formula doesn’t give me spidery lashes, there’s no product clumping, and I didn’t experience any irritation or fall-out from the fibers. Theoretically, you could seamlessly swipe on 10 layers of this stuff and get a very dramatic result, but I’m content with a quick two. The color is also carbon black, which helps my eyelashes actually look like they’re, ya know, really there.


I have never committed to a mascara before this one, which marks a new era in my makeup bag. It not only makes my lashes actually noticeable, but it fills in the gaps, creates serious volume, and has a jet-black sheen. Now when I say I’m wearing a full face of makeup, just know it includes this little tube of mascara. If you’re in need of a new volumizing tube for your repertoire, I highly recommend stocking up on this one.