Mango’s New Inclusive Sizing Is A Step In The Right Direction

Integrating its plus-size Violeta by Mango range is just the start.

Models of different sizes wearing the Mango collection
Courtesy of Mango

After years of campaigning for more inclusivity in fashion sizing for years, the high street is finally taking note. Mango is the latest to realise its inclusive potential, by announcing the integration of its plus-size Violeta by Mango range into the full Mango collection.

The move means that from this week, 500 items previously available in the Violeta by Mango line will become part of the general Woman collection, extending the size range to include sizes up to 54 and 4XL. The news will be music to the ears of those looking forward to Pernille Teisbaek’s upcoming collab with the Spanish retailer, especially.

Mango, of course, is a popular high street shopping destination and has of late made serious efforts on the sustainability front of its designs and business generally. Their newly-launched homeware collection, for instance, which focused on textile pieces, were all crafted from linens and sustainable cottons.

Per Fashion United, Mango launched its “plus-size” offering, Violeta by Mango, in 2014, but discontinued the line in 2021 in favour of integrating it with its primary clothing line. The Spanish retailer says the move reinforces “its commitment to inclusivity” and desire to dress “a larger number of customers.”

The garments will also become more affordable, too. According to a statement issued by Mango this is is “thanks to their integration in the general collection, which has larger purchasing volumes.”

In efforts to be a more inclusive brand, the Spanish retailer also confirmed it intends to extend the size range of the rest of its offering by adding sizes 32 (XXS) and 46 (XXL) to almost all of the designs in its womenswear collection. Model casting in their campaigns and on the website is also more inclusive of different body shapes – thought admittedly, more can always be done on this front, per Gianluca Rosso.

For now, Violeta integration products will only be available IRL at the new (very fabulous) flagship store on London’s Oxford Street, but the full collection is available via the Mango website and app across the country.