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Meghan Trainor's Go-To Thickening Spray Is “Like Medicine For Your Hair”

The star chats with Bustle.

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Meghan Trainor chats with Bustle about her favorite products for thin hair, second pregnancy, TikTok...
Beauty Detail
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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing. Here, Meghan Trainor tells Bustle all about her pregnancy, experience on TikTok, and favorite beauty products.

Tucked away in a brightly lit penthouse, I find Meghan Trainor sitting cross-legged and rubbing her seven month-pregnant belly, with the glistening Manhattan skyline as her backdrop. Immediately, the voice that so many people have fallen in love with through songs like the viral Made You Look — and a bit more intimately by way of TikTok — is just as welcoming in-person.

First, we chat about her growing family and what “me time” looks like these days. “It’s actually great,” she tells me. “When I didn’t have responsibility like that, I would sleep until noon and it was more chaotic. But now, [my son is] on such a routine that our life is scheduled out.” Most of her evenings with husband Daryl Sabara actually sound a lot like everyone else’s. “At seven thirty, it’s a wrap and he’s asleep, and we run to shower, get in bed, and have date night every single night,” Trainor says. “We get to watch our favorite show, which is Beef right now.”

Given that she lives and works with her family members every day — she candidly tells me that her TikToks are “all real” — Trainor prioritizes a life where her passions and family time melt into one. “I’m almost 30, I’m a momma of two, and I feel 16,” she says. “I’m dancing on an app and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. It’s not work for me. It’s just a fun place where I can be myself. I love it.”

She says she is first, and always, a mother and a wife. Her other pop star duties have to fit within that.

Trainor recently released the track Mother and shared the music video’s spotlight with one of the most famous moms of all time: Kris Jenner.

“It was the best day of my life,” Trainor gushes. “She kept looking at the cameras and going, ‘Just with my best friend.’ It was better than any day at the Grammys. And on top of it, she was so nice, so on time, so talented, and easygoing.”

Jenner is her idea of mom goals. “I just kept telling her, ‘I wanna be you. I want a bunch of babies and to live with them forever.’ She said, ‘It’s the best. It literally will make you happy forever.’”

Below, Trainor shares her current beauty favorites, from the skin care essential she wishes she had throughout her first pregnancy, to some of her thin hair must-haves à la Nexxus.

Her Thin Hair Hero

“The thickening spray is so significant and what we need with thin hair. After my showers I just spray that in, then [do] a quick blow dry. It’s great, [and] you can feel good at night because it’s from scientists who are trying to get to the root of what will actually help. It’s like medicine for your hair.”

Her Current Signature Perfume

“I actually love the first Billie Eilish perfume that she came out with. It’s delicious.”

Her Pregnancy Must-Have

“I was prone to get stretch marks, and I did from all angles. I did notice that vitamin E oil, straight up from CVS, was the only thing that [worked, and] it helped my c-section scar. I’ve been using that in this pregnancy, and I don’t have any new stretch marks. It ruins your pajamas and sheets, but it’s worth it.”

Her Hair Game-Changer

“I love their shampoo and conditioner — I’ve been using it and I feel a difference. I have thin hair, breakage, damage, and all that from the pop star life of doing my hair all the time.”

Her Fave Nostalgic Scent

“[I love] Tease from Victoria’s Secret ’cause I’m a sixth-grader... it’s so good. I wore this in middle school and I [still] love it.”

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