This Eyeliner Eraser Pen Gives Me A Flawless Cat Eye Every Time

It’s like a magic eraser but better.

I tried an eyeliner + remover hybrid product: the Meloway Your Way Eyeliner + Remover pen.

When I was a teenager, I assumed that certain skills would simply come with age and wisdom — like being able to do a perfect cat eye makeup look. Well... it never happened. So when an editor tipped me off to a product that might help — Meloway’s Your Way Eyeliner + Remover pen — I jumped at the chance to try it.

My issue with applying liquid liner in general is that I am never able to get it right in one fell swoop. Typically, my attempt at creating an eyeliner look involves a reoccurring 30-minute segment that goes as follows: I apply the product, I grab a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to clean up the (many out-of-place) lines, and then wind up taking a cotton pad to remove the entire eye. I next try to unsuccessfully reapply liner while the now-irritated corners of my eyes water, rendering the whole thing absolutely pointless. The TL;DR is that, historically, my attempts at liquid liner always leave me in literal tears.

When I saw the Meloway product, I felt a surge of hope. It’s double-sided, with one end a precise liquid eyeliner tip and the other a thin makeup removing point. The idea is it’s supposed to make executing any eyeliner look easier than ever with much less of a mess. Since you can use the eraser to clean up any tiny mistake, you don’t have to reach for a remover-soaked pad or Q-tip, both of which can take off more makeup than you’d like.

So I took a deep breath as I grabbed the Meloway pen. My approach was to fully apply the eyeliner to the best of my ability, let it set for 20 seconds, and then take the eraser to clean up and sharpen the look.

What a pleasant surprise: It went really well. I wasn’t as bad at getting the liner on my lids as my teenage memory had told me. Still, things were a little lopsided. The tip of the cat eye was a bit off — rather than coming to a perfect point, it had a square-ish shape. It was time to test the eraser pen. I was concerned it might make my eyeliner runny or cause irritation, but it did neither — it simply did its clean-up job with impressive precision.

Before and after using the eraser tip.

The tip of the remover is thin and firm which meant I could concisely edit my work. I was able to transform a too-thick, shapeless line into the signature flick of a cat eye. My only piece of advice is somewhat obvious: You do have to wait for the remover side to dry before touching the area or applying any more makeup to your lids. If you don’t, you can smear it into the finished eyeliner look which takes you back to square one. While I still may not be wearing liquid eyeliner looks on a regular basis, I’ve at least gotten over my fears of the makeup category — and now have a go-to product for whenever the mood strikes.